Things I could scream at you about for unhealthy lengths of time: (In Progress)

  • My Noveling Experience, Art and Color Theory, Video Game Music, Studio Ghibli, Disney
  • Animal Crossing [GC & NL], Pokemon, Skyrim, Zelda, Starbound
  • Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, Osomatsu-[kun/san], Haikyuu!!
  • 19 Days, 50% Off, The Filthy Frank Show
  • Rick and Morty

The Oldies and the Goodies:

  • P!ATD, the old 21P, FOB, OK Go, Fever The Ghost, Studio Killers, CaravanPalace, Gorillaz, Imagine Dragons, Shinedown, Starset, 3 Days Grace, BMTH, MCR, The Cab, Regina Spektor, and everything that happened in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's.
  • Rune Factory Series, Dragon Age Inquisition, Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem, DRAGON'S...
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  • Every time this song came on, no matter where I was, I'd rush into the living room and you'd scoop me up and we'd dance to it. It's my earliest memory.
  • My first autumn I could remember. The first time I really felt that cold air settle on my skin. It still spurs nothing but the desire to run, aimless and free.
  • How, despite it all, whenever we see each other we regress to 3rd graders like when we'd first met.
  • When we ditched your mom at the local concert and walked all over Old Mandeville. We stopped at every historic building and bonded over Bay Windows. It was sunny and warm and we walked till nightfall. You bought me Mexican icecream.
  • Singing duets loudly in the hallway because we just didn't care what people thought of us.
  • Our first real big snow and making Snow H...
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"You can fall back into comfort and run back to people in the past but just know that nothing will grow there. You’ll be comfortable and you may feel safe but it’s not real, it’s an illusion. Or you can break the mould, put an end to your problems by focusing on improving yourself which will then open you up to more opportunities in life and a better lifestyle all together. It’s that simple. I know what you’re going to choose because you’re more into comfort than change, I just hope you can live with the realities of your decisions. Peace." - Meggan Roxanne

  • Patience.
  • Watch the attitude.
  • Know when to stop.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Drink lots of agua amigo.
  • People change. Move on.
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"Hey you, with the pretty face. Welcome to the human race."

American Youth | Cass | 19 ☆ミ | GMT-5

  • English, Cajun, French
  • O Type, INFP-t, Cisgendered Female
  • Sun Sagittrius, Moon Aries, Rising Pisces
  • Chapstick Bisexual, Polyamorous [Closed Tetrad]
  • ASD, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Crippling Envy

Traditional Artist | Hobbyist | Photographer | Writer

  • Dirty / Too much ego.
  • I like space and fried shrimp.
  • World Traveler & Cat Enthusiast.
  • Way to my heart: A playlist/mixtape.
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  • Adeline, Agatha, Agnes, Anette, Anissa, Ahn, America, Bernadette
  • Candace, Cecilia, Chrysanthemum (Kiku), Cheyenne, Claudia, Constant, Cordelia, Cosette
  • Daria, Dawn, Diana, Dorothy, Dulcibella (Dulcie)
  • Edith, Eileen, Eleanor, Ellen, Ethel, Euphemia (Effie), Evelyn, Everette
  • Fae, Fawn, Felicia, Felicity, Fleurette, Genevieve, Giselle
  • Hana, Harding, Harley, Helena, Hester
  • Isa, Isadore, Josephine, Kassia, Keliah, Lei'li
  • Mallory, Marianne, Mathilda, Maven, Maxine, Melody, Meredith, Minerva, Mirabelle, Monica
  • Na, Nadia, Nanette, Natalia, Natalie, Noeline, Nona, Nor, Norah, Nova, Nydia
  • Ocean, Octavia, Odette, Opaline, Ottoline...
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Where I've been:

  • At Home
    • Louisisana
    • Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee
    • Alaska, Washington, Missouri, Texas, Virginia
  • International
    • British Columbia, Yukon Territory
    • Cozumel, Grand Caymen, Jamaica

Where I wanna go:

  • At Home
    • California, Hawaii, Vagas, New York
  • International
    • France (For my BFF!!)
    • Nova Scotia (Heritage!!)
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  • Fall in Love.
  • Adopt a Dog.
  • Travel the world.
  • Publish my Book.
  • Adopt a child in need.
  • Drive across America.
  • Make my Parents proud.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Study abroad to find myself.
  • Earn my Bachelor's degree.
  • Learn how to adequately surf.
  • Stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China.
  • See the Milky Way with my naked eye.
  • Go swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Swim in the Devil's Pool, Livingstone Island.
  • Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand.
  • Live in a small efficient home like the minimalist I am.
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