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queens and kings / kings and queens / blue lily, lily blue / crowns and birds / swords and things / blue lily, lily blue.

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“the summer sun was not meant for boys like me. boys like me belonged to the rain.”

      • heitor; brazilian. sp.
      • february 26, 2000. pisces.
      • infj. ravenclaw. cat person.
      • art addicted: music, literature, cinema, photography, drawing, painting, people.
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“because even though it sometimes feels like it, no one’s ever alone. each and every one of us is a part of the big chaos. and what you do today, has an effect tomorrow. it can be hard to say, exactly what kind of effect. and you usually can’t see how everything fits together. but the effects of your actions, are always there, somewhere in the chaos. in a hundred years, we may have machines that can predict the effect of every action, but until then, we can trust this: fear spreads. but fortunately, love does too.”

sep 16 2017 ∞
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