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heylo im ki and i love idols and im hella gay tbh thats it

ki follows:

name : kimberly ann (tho i'd prefer to use my nickname instead of my real given name online)

nickname : kianne/ki/ian (tho i'd appreciate it if you just call me that instead! but if we're close then call me ki which is better but ian is fine too!)

age : 15

nationality : filipina

country : philippines

race: southeast asian

location (where i live atm) : kuwait

year and grade : second year high school

gender : female

sexuality : bisexual

pronouns : she/her and they/them (im fine with any with what you want to use to me)


birthday : june 23, 2002

♡ taken by peach ♡ (shes my gf and i love her very much lots <3)

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jun 25 2017 +

what i like and what i stan :

  • anime
  • manga
  • kpop
  • jpop
  • seiyuus (tho i barely talk about them, i do stan some!)
  • kdramas (i barely even watch those but lmao yeah)
  • disney
  • cartoons
  • music
  • idol games

last and not least,

  • painting

what i dont like :

fanwars (its just so immature and i dont see the point there like its just so unnecessary)

drama (i'll admit that i like good tea bu...

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jun 19 2017 +


youre homophobic, racist, sexist etc etc

youre a trump supporter. YIKES

YOU ARE FROM MY SCHOOL. just please dont. i know who are those who own some accounts cause i sometimes stalk and see so yeah

YOU KNOW ME IRL. theres a big chance im going to block you if you found my twt account

youre a kpop menisist

you start fanwars or unnecessary drama

you joke about mental illness, or depression, make them a trend and treat them like they dont exist. i'd probably unfollow and block if you do

you wear glasses only for AESTHETIC. that thing pisses me off super. like being half blind isnt cute and blindness isnt an aesthetic boo lmao

you tweet/rt about nsfw stuff. please just dont cause it makes me uncomfortable

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jun 20 2017 +
  • im a very awkward and a shy person at first, but once we get to start to know each other then you know friendship is about to get lit WOOO
  • im sorry if i freak out sometimes, im really hyper and extremely annoyed so im not trying to be mean cause im just having fun with it
  • i like to make friends! but tho since im very shy, i prefer people to dm me first than me myself lol idk im like that
  • im a very noisy person too once you get to know me BUT, you'll also know too when im stressed, sad or angry when im quiet i guess
  • people mostly find me intimidating but the truth is IM NOT!!! i think its because of how i tweet but honestly its just like that,,, but please dont be!!! im really nice and friendly once you start talking to me tho :D so dont be scared!
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jun 25 2017 +


seventeen (ult) / monsta x / infinite / astro / shinee / vixx


red velvet / twice / oh my girl / cosmic girls / exid / gfriend / snsd / pristin


yoon jeonghan (ult)

jeon wonwoo

kim mingyu

lee minhyuk

chae hyungwon

lee sungjong

park eunwoo

lee taemin

cha hakyeon


kang seulgi

hirai momo

kim mi-hyun

lee luda

ahn heeyeon

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jun 19 2017 +


  • talking to my gf everyday
  • watching anime
  • watching kdramas
  • watching cartoons
  • watching disney
  • reading manga
  • playing games
  • crying
  • screaming
  • painting
  • livetweeting
  • shitposting
  • memes
  • instruments
  • going out
  • exercising (not sure lmao)
  • being lazy
  • collecting chokers
  • buying cute phone cases
  • drinking coffee
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jul 9 2017 +
  • im a hot-tempered person but dont worry im not gonna start a fight immediately. if you cant handle me though then im sorry cause thats just the way i am, im trying to control it as much as i can though i guess but if i cant i rage out most of the time. so if you cant handle it then just dont fuck up things with me maybe.
  • according to the first one, my parents dont really like about me being a hot-tempered one so im trying to decrease it nowadays.
  • i usually faint and sometimes i feel like im an anemic person but thats just me not having a proper meal and drink i guess.
  • i have social anxiety and i just struggle at school most of the time because of it so i dont really have any friends irl tbh.
  • i dont like being mocked or teased on ser...
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those what i play :

love live (tho i barely get on it nowadays since my luck is shit lmao)



idolmaster/derusete (still learning)

idolish7 (still learning)

ichu (still learning)

tales of asteria

tales of link

SMASHTAP (boku no hero academia)

some notes :

i play both en and jp on love live so if you want to know both of my codes then its fine, go ahead and dm me for it! (we must be mutuals though so i know who you are)

im still learning how to play those other games, its just gonna take me a while for it

those games i play are not all together in my one device, some are in my phone dow...

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jul 9 2017 +

where you can find me and stuff

twitter: ZESTlRIA

curiouscat: voiceofsword

myanimelist: TODOROKlNK (the i is a small l)

snow: jeonghzn (only mutuals can add me) natsumugi

line: dm me (must be mutuals)

facebook: dm me (must be mutuals)

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jul 15 2017 +

hello!!! thank you for reading my listo, hopefully we can be friends after being mutuals with you! please dont be shy to talk to me! im nice and calm after all, so please dont be intimidated by me ^-^ if you ever need something then my dms are always open! love, ki.

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