im leo but you can call me by any of my kin names (please do bc i Love It)

you can tell me if you want to be tagged as anyone

please no factkin/factkin supporters (if its a past life/reincarnation thing that’s fine, just please tell me)

no (fictional or real) pedophila, incest, or abuse supporters

he/him only

please please please check my kin list and make sure the whole double situation is fine!!!!

dont rq unless youre kin

dont rq if youre kin with dr. bumby, lucas troy, any of the bowers gang, pennywise, robert daly, or george stark

dont rq if you support the new heathers

password is your fav vine or your fav emoji

nov 13 2017 ∞
jan 21 2018 +

wednesday: everyone! especially pugsley, morticia, and gomez

alice: everyone i guess! (except dr. bumby)

archer: everyone! especially ray and lana

bill: mike and georgie

nanette: everyone (except daly)

the batter: everyone, especially zacharie and the judge

teddy: vern

joyce: everyone

yuri: everyone

thad: liz and alan

pam: turbovicki

veronica: martha, heather m, & betty

ray: everyone, especially mcvries

oct 21 2017 ∞
jan 21 2018 +