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you're the coffee that i need in the morning.

jamie follows:

nct (band)

— where there's smoke (there's probably a kitchen fire)

  • nct dream; college!au; t+ — seven boys, one dorm room, zero fire extinguishers. this is going to end well.

— chill, it's just (illegal) fentanyl

  • nct (markhyuck); hospital!au; t+ — mark and donghyuck shouldn't cross paths much in the hospital, but they do, and it's very bloody.

— i brought you myrrh, myrrh-der

  • nct (luwoo); serial killer!au; t+ — of course the assistant prosecutor is a serial killer. alternatively: lucas gives up, donghyuck is too enthusiastic, and mark has too many garbage bags to be considered normal.

— say it (like you mean it)

  • nct (dota); college!au; t+ — doyoung is an okay midfielder who seems to the target of rival star player nakamoto yuta.

figure skating rpf

  • yuzusho; hogwarts!au; t+ - shoma just wants to live his last year at hogwarts in peace. yuzuru won't let him have that.
  • twochenz; rpf; g+ - dorky 2chenz @ college
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