• 09: onyx can be white
  • 10: edward jenner, the "father of immunology," was the pioneer of the smallpox vaccine 
  • 11: bananas are botanically berries
  • 12: what frankincense and myrrh really are
  • 20: how to knit corrugated ribbing
  • 21: tomatoes are botanically berries and are in the solanaceae, or nightshade, family, along with potatoes, eggplant, bell/chili peppers, and tobacco // a day length on mercury is 1,408 hours; venus is 5,832 hours; mars is 25 hours; jupiter is 10 hours; saturn is 11 hours; uranus is 17 hours; neptune is 16 hours
  • 22: takoyaki is amazing
  • 29: way too much about teeth, like that removal of upper molars is exposure to the sinus floor
  • 30: amin al-husseini


  • 01: pool and billiards aren't the same thing, and then there's snooker
  • 03: what a galette de rois is (basically a king cake); how to pronounce frangipane
  • 04: female sand tiger sharks have two uteri; the 2011 earthquake moved the japanese mainland 8ft
  • 19: the narcissus genus includes daffodils, jonquils, and paperwhites but usually refers to narcissus tazetta papyraceous, or paperwhites; daffodil is the official common name for any of the plants that fall into the genus narcissus, so if the plant is considered a narcissus it is considered a daffodil as well, however most people refer to the large, trumpet-shaped flowers of the narcissus pseudonarcissus, those big, showy, familiar bulbs that bloom in spring that we all know and love; jonquils refer to a specific type of daffodil known as narcissus jonquilla, although it's often used as a more general term for daffodils in certain parts of the country. they are most easily identified by their dark green, tube-shaped leaves versus other types of daffodils which have flat leaves, and they tend to have clusters of several flowers instead of just one bloom, with a strong scent. (x); a gravastar is a object hypothesized in astrophysics as an alternative to black holes; black hole information paradox; planck star
  • 19: deepstaria; jean-françois champollion was known primarily as the decipherer of hieroglyphics



  • 01: jesus was a popular name back in the day
  • 07: montpelier is not only the capital of vermont, but also james madison's home in orange, virginia
  • 11: the summit of mount everest is higher above sea level than the summit of any other mountain, but mauna kea is the tallest when measured from base to summit
  • 22: who the mercury 13 were (watch the new netflix documentary)
  • 25: parliament began as the parliaments: a doo-wop quintet founded in the back room of a barbershop and named after a cigarette brand
  • 26: the song turn! turn! turn! by the byrds (written by pete seeger) is adapted word-for-word from from the biblical book of ecclesiastes


  • 01: white-tailed deer are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular, browsing mainly at dawn and dusk
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