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﹂mostly nct + wanna one, infinite
disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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pairings consisting of the hyung line

currently reading:

  • where we stand jaehyun + winwin ⊰ unfinished. Sicheng and Jaehyun have something that works. There's no reason to fuck that up. ♡
  • aggiornamento taeil + yuta ⊰ Aggiornamento: the act of bringing something up to date to meet the current needs. Under the thick blanket of Hansol's departure from the group, Yuta struggles with anger, loneliness, and finding meaning in the little acts of endearment that flank his everyday life. Taeil unintentionally reminds him that he doesn't have to bear it alone.
  • you shine like the stars, you light up m... johnny + taeyong ⊰ Taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext Johnny Seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. Except it isn't.
  • a house of cards is only as strong as a ... taeyong + yuta ⊰ Taeyong sleeps a lot better now that Yuta is here. He likes to think that Yuta does, too.
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apr 27 2018 +

pairings consisting of the dreamies

currently reading:

  • every little thing donghyuck + jaemin ⊰ If Donghyuck had a dollar for every time he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of Jaemin, he’d have enough for one (1) item from the dollar store.
  • you're space-cial to me mark + donghyuck ⊰ Mark really just wanted to travel through the ocean of stars and navigate between the myriad of galaxies. How he became a baby-sitter to six boys with a penchant of getting into trouble is beyond him. There’s also that slight predicament he’s in where he possibly, kind of, sort of, might be in love with one of the said boys. Not that he’s going to do anything about it. As they say, ignorance is bliss. (Renjun calls him a coward. Donghyuck remains oblivious.)
  • the crystal chaser renjun + jeno ⊰ Renjun has to deal with love potions, tea leaf readings, and the smell of throw up.
mar 28 2018 ∞
apr 27 2018 +

currently reading:

  • always seongwu + daniel ⊰ Wanna-be actor Ong Seongwoo decides that the only way he's going to break into the mainstream is to win the public's heart with a charity project. He doesn't expect his charity project to win his. ♡
  • his highness's constellation seongwu + daniel ⊰ Stamping out the remains of resistance in a remote village, a high ranking general spots Ong Seongwoo, recognizing the defiant man for his stunning beauty. In the moment before Seongwoo is given a painful and potentially fatal injury, the General stops his soldier from going through with the act of violence. The General decides that the young man would make a perfect gift to signify the conquest. Scraped up from a musty village, Ong Seongwoo is thrown into the midst of the Kang Kingdom's volatile court. Relegated to the role of his highness's play thing, the conc...__cw: depictions of violence, forced prosti...__
mar 28 2018 ∞
apr 27 2018 +