morning routine - don't rush

  • get up earlier, an hour or two before you have work
  • do stretches
  • drink tea in bed or outside if nice
  • take time getting ready
    • wear comfortable clothes - no high heels
    • check weather, bring sweater or scarf if chilly
  • get to work ten minutes early (leave at 8 to arrive 8:20)

during the day

  • stretch periodically and move around
  • go for a 20 min walk outside every day, even in the rain
  • bring lunch to work, don't buy
    • make sandwiches
    • buy things to make salad
      • lettuce, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, dressing on side
    • celery and peanut butter
    • oatmeal (make at desk)
    • BLAT
    • pbj
    • chicken salad
  • sit straight with both feet on the ground
  • don't surf the web
  • read ebooks
  • listen to calming music (if not at customer service desk)
  • write


  • don't settle in on the couch and watch tv for the whole night
  • catch up with family members, but then go to room, straighten up, sit at desk
    • pay bills
    • sketch
    • write
    • read
  • don't have caffeine. ONE cup of tea when you get home from work, but that's it.
  • go to bed early -- start by getting in bed to read at 10pm


  • have a small garden or a cluster of potted plants and herbs
  • draw pictures--draw flowers and trees and leaves in the yard
  • learn about plants
  • learn to knit and makes things for friends and family
  • learn other languages and watch foreign films (russian, french, german, italian...)
  • keep room clean
  • follow through on tasks and projects
  • don't have ANY dairy. no exceptions.
  • don't be friendly and accommodating if you don't feel like it, but never be cruel
  • don't pretend to like something you don't
  • don't share opinions unless pressed, and then be honest, but kind
  • stop making plans and start doing things
  • don't compare yourself to others
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