• another view of stalin by ludo martens
    • are prisons obsolete? by angela davis
    • combat liberalism by mao zedong
    • dialectical and historical materialism by joseph stalin
    • imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism by vladimir lenin
    • introduction to marx, engels, marxism by vladimir lenin
    • manifesto of the communist party by karl marx and friedrich engels
    • marxism and the national question by joseph stalin
    • on coalition government by mao zedong
    • on contradiction by mao zedong
    • on the correct handling of contradictions among the people by mao zedong
    • on correcting mistaken ideas in the party by mao zedong
    • on new democracy by mao zedong
    • on practice by mao zedong
    • on protracted war by mao zedong
    • problems of strategy in china's revolutionary war by mao zedong
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