joshua came from a wealthy family, with only a mother and a father as the other members. although growing up as an only child, it wasn't much difficult to learn how to be independent himself, considering that his parents were too busy working to even spare a lot of time to relax—or maybe, spend time with their son. nevertheless, joshua wasn't rebellious and was still the respectful person that he is despite all the disappointments life had brought him.

eventually, it had dawned upon him that he needed to learn how to depend on himself instead. it was difficult but later on, he moved countries with majime as the school of his parents' choice whilst spending half of his time working to fullfil his financial needs.

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  • birthname — hong jisoo / joshua
    • nickname/s: josh
  • birthdate — 30th of december
    • age: 20
  • ethnicity — korean-american
  • height — 177cm (5'9")
  • weight — 60kg (132 lbs)
  • bloodtype — a
  • hometown — los angeles, california
  • education — majime academy
    • year — senior
  • residence — co-ed dormitory
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  • you've been crying and you went to class with your eyes puffy—which joshua noticed.
  • your keychain was missing and soon you see it hanging on his bag, clueless that he just had the same one as yours.
  • unaware of his surroundings as he was walking through the cafeteria, he accidentally collides into you that broke your favorite mug.
  • a situation wherein he catches you in the middle of skipping classes.
  • dog ears? if joshua had any pet peeves, one would be that fold on the corner of the book that you're reading.

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  • gmt +8
  • preferably uses 3rd person but would use 1st person.
  • open to any genres ! (though is better at doing casual , dark , and angst plots.)
  • mirror length replies.
  • anyone is welcome to slide in my dms to plot or to simply just chat!
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