• "is everyone the same as me but just holding it in? or am I the only bad person? sometimes I dream, sometimes I fly, but I always know the ending. all the lies and things I said all day, all the stupid things I did, I’m trapped in them. can’t someone take me out? before the night is over?" ━ help , 10CM
  • "there’s a hole in my heart, nothing can fill it up. I’m sinking right now inside a square ocean. it’s a problem in the whole world, it’s the same love song, but it doesn’t touch me. in my night, there are too many thoughts..." ━ instagram , DEAN
  • "[...] stuck in my fantasy like, dreaming it to be real life, I waited without much thought. but now I realize at this rate, I’ll be all alone, I don’t know what to do. besides this, I only had earphones in my ears, turn up the volume. I don’t wanna be alone, no I don’t wanna be...__trauma__ , SEVENTEEN
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