• hwang hyunjin.
  • 03/20/00.
  • pisces.
  • @hwngjins.
  • waiter at amenity's restaurant.
  • W802 with felix.

fun facts.

  • someone ordered a coffee and he brought them a plate of spaghetti one time.
  • collects yugioh cards and socks.
  • very affectionate.
  • doesn't like loud noises or strong smells.
  • enjoys sleeping.
  • very bad at studying.
  • likes winter a lot but hates being cold, sleeps with ten blankets on.
  • gets sick easily because he barely leaves his room.
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  • hyunjin was born and raised in korea. his parents are co-owners of the amenity resort chain so he's lived in hotels the majority of his life.
  • he grew up with felix and donghan hyungie but often felt lonely since his parents were kinda busy. when he was younger he would act out for attention and basically be a little shit.
  • he started reading manga and books and they helped him cope with a lot of his issues, or at least ignore them for a while.
  • he became really invested in writing and started to branch out and do his own thing.
  • he got really sick in his 3rd year of highschool and had to be homeschooled , or hotel-schooled. he never went back and never really recovered from the months of bed rest. he's still very lazy and sleeps a lot.
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  • title / genre. description.
  • title / genre. description.
  • title / genre. description.


  • felix : childhood bestie bros. grew up living in the same place, went to the same school. basically they are the same person.

hit me up if you'd like to have a pre-established relationship!

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