(note: of course there are different categories but in each catergory nothing is in any particular order aaaa idk nothing is very finalized dont look at me)

(EDIT: i am like. never ok with doubles btw. unless its for a species/concept. idc)


  • kenny mccormick - south park (kenny is really weird for me, idk if i should call this an ID, or even a kin..... maybe ill talk about it someday but for now you can just say its an ID i guess?? kin is different with brain stuff idk aaa.. if ur close to me u can ask idk idk idk)
  • nico di angelo (percy jackson and the olympians/heroes of olympus)
  • shadow the hedgehog (the sonic franchise)
  • ichimatsu matsuno (osomatsu san)


  • pete thelman (goth kids, south park)
  • jonathan byers (stranger things)
  • philip j. fry (futurama)
  • wade wilson/deadpool (deadpool, obviously. comics, movies, the works)


  • mackerel tabby bananya (bananya)
  • glunkus (neko atsume)
  • saeran choi/unknown (mystic messenger)
  • death the kid (soul eater)
  • edward scissorhands (..bruh)

im not fucking sure what tier of kin:

  • ash ketchum (pokemon, especially indigo league)
  • gundham tanaka (danganronpa)

questioning/not sure:

  • yoshiharu hisomu (kiznaiver)
  • invisibilly (monster high)
  • john bender (the breakfast club)
  • yukiteru amano (mirai nikki)
  • duncan (total drama island)
  • zim (invader zim)


  • rain
  • cats
  • forest
  • fog
  • aishas (neopets, esp darigan and alien brush)
  • aliens
  • ghosts
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