Don’t Follow If:

You’re homophobic

You’re racist

You don’t think asexuals belong in the LGBTQ+ community

You ship an incestual or pedophilic pairing

You’re gonna be mean to me because I kin

You factkin

Please tell me if your name is Vida or if you kin with a character named Vida when requesting the name is a huge issue for me

Please post a trigger warning for these things if you post about them:

Killing Stalking


Self Harm


The word “fag” “retarded” or “dyke”

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Hiya! Welcome to my listography!! Here's some quick stuff about me!

  • My name is Caroline, but you can call me Ed/Edward or the name of kin I'm in a shift of currently!
  • My pronouns are either she/her or they/them, depending on how I'm feeling.
  • I identify as lesbian, so if you're gonna be gross and fetishize wlw I'm gonna block you. In my canon most of my kins are LGBTQ+ as well so please respect that!
  • My personal account is @carolinelttle. I don't have a "main" account so just request that one!
  • I’m taken by @irlozziecobbs and I love her with all my heart she’s my soulmate if you don’t like her block me
  • I get hurt and upset relatively easily so please don't be mean if you're gonna follow!
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My girlfriend/the love of my life, is Kenzie, @irlozziecobbs, and literally block me if you don’t like her or have any problem with her because she is my everything and makes me unbelievably happy!!

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Ian Gallagher

Yuuri Katsuki

Harvey Bullock

Percy Jackson

Other comforts:

Pastel colours

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Studio Ghibli


Classic Novels


Greek mythology

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Literally Me:

Edward Nygma, all media


Mickey Milkovich, Shameless (US)

Lena Oxton, Overwatch

Isak Valtersen, Skam

Evie Frye, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Max Hargrove, Stranger Things

Beverly Marsh, IT 2017

Loki Laufeyson, all media


Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn 99

Kiki, Kiki’s Delivery Service

Mila Babicheva, Yuuri!!! On Ice

Alice, Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Rick Deckard, Blade Runner

Celaena Sardothien, Throne of Glass

Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson

River Song, Doctor Who

Spock, Star Trek (TOS)

Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Star Trek, (AOS)

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