• im hau or kirby and i freaking love whale sharks and frogs
    • they/them only!!

im open to making friends so feel free to send me a ask/message but i have a hard time responding or chatting in general if youre not close with me!! so i apologize if i don't reply or i say weird things! also! if we are mutuals you can ask for my discord!

ok so i dont really know how to type a good about oof but anyways i'm really into kirby and pokemon, those are just my main things im interested in, animal crossing and pucca is really cool too!! i like mario and sonic too even though i don't really know a lot about it whoopies. sometimes i type out different words then they were suppose so then the sentence doesnt make sense. i stutter sorta a lot and i do weird things with my hand when im nervous or stress or when im about to cry lol

sep 9 2017 ∞
oct 12 2017 +