☆anime (mostly szs n arakawa)

☆manga n anime that im currently watching or reading

☆i play love live sometimes but i dont kno nothing bout it i just play for fun

☆general things happening in my life

apr 4 2017 ∞
apr 4 2017 +

☆sayonara zetsubou sensei

☆shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu

☆shinsekai yori




☆sakamichi no apollon


☆subete ga f ni naru

☆arakawa under the bridge

☆katte ni kaizou

jan 1 2017 ∞
jun 11 2017 +

☆kai/kaiden (dont call me kai unless u tag me in the tweet bc i wont kno if its me !! if were like having a convo its fine)


☆dont use like use super feminine terms me pls,, words like pretty n stuff like that r fine just dont use ones that r only for girls if that makes sense (like girlfriend n stuff like that)

☆im trans n i mostly like girls

☆im 18

☆starting university this fall n my major is political science n my minor is public administration

☆im from america (michigan)

☆i started hrt (4/10/17) n if u ever like have questions about it u can hmu u can literally ask anything even bout the nsfw stuff bc idc so dont b afraid

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jun 11 2017 +

☆pls like my tweets bc it makes me feel like people dont hate me

☆pls dont be afraid of talking to me,, i loveu all

☆i over react sometimes so if i ever do something bad pls let me know kindly and dont yell,, pls

☆itd b nice if ya said why u sb or unfollowed so pls let me kno if ur comfy w that

☆i tag alotta tweets but usually just do // for a general tw but if im talking about something specific ill tag it w a name but if u need something tag or want it tagged a certain way pls tell me

☆like pinned after u read everything here

jun 11 2017 ∞
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☆dont be rude n transphobic n homophobic n racist n all that

☆if u ship anything thats gross n illegal

☆if u really like killing stalking or anything similar dont follow

☆everyone else has this so ,, yes i think u need gender dysphoria to be trans and its a medical condition

☆if u hyper sexualize lgbtq people u better not follow

☆idc how old u r anyone can follow

☆be nice pls

☆i tweet a lot sometimes

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