• I'm losing to you (baby I'm no match)- a/b/o -Jongin is an omega who sleeps around a lot, and then one day his best friend Kyungsoo finds out he is an alpha and then smut happens.
  • Claimed - a/b/o- have to join community to read. Jongin is about to go into heat and all the other members want to claim him, and they take turns trying to convince him to pick them. smut.
  • Alpha, Please - a/b/o - Omega Jongin gets into an elevator where alpha Kyungsoo is, they are mates, smut happens.
  • The Beast's Growl - a/b/o- Omega Jongin starts a new job and his alpha boss Kyungsoo is making things hard. smut.
  • one year on - a/b/o - pwp
  • Knuckling under - a/b/o- Jongin finds out that he is a beta so he thinks he doesn't have a chance with omega Kyungsoo. smut.
  • New Love / all bark and no bite - a/b/o- Jongin has found out he is an alpha and everyone thinks its funny becaus...
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  • Saudade- a/b/o - 4 chapters- Jongin gets captured and Kyungsoo rescues him and takes him to a cave to recover.light smut.
  • Just give me a reason to keep my heart b... - 24 chapters- a/b/o - Based off of the Patrica briggs series, Kyungsoo is an abused omega who has joined Alpha Jongin's pack and uses the pack connection to get over his abuse.
  • If only the clock would stop I wouldn't ... - 2 chapters- a/b/o - Alpha Jongin and Omega Kyungsoo have been looking for each other for a long time, but right when they find each other Kyungsoo gets shot.
  • The human inside - 25 chapters - a/b/o - Kyungsoo is an abused omega who has never been in wolf form and left to die. He is found by Jongin's pack and gets better. Can't remember, I think there is smut.
  • Love Dust - 3 chapters- a/b/o - Jongin finds out he is an alpha and then meets Kyungsoo who is getting attacked. mating happens. smut
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  • Of first times and Knotting - at least I think Kyungsoo is human PWP
  • Little Red Riding Whore - wolf - Hood - Kyungsoo is a ho in his village but goes to visit his grandma and meets wolf Jongin who really wants to keep him. a lot of smut.
  • Red Riding Hoods First Love - Jongin is a wolf who is in human form around Kyungsoo and follows him around and learns how to talk. he gets killed while protecting Kyungsoo.
  • Attracted by wolf - PWP Kyungsoo goes to a club and wolf Jongin is chained to the wall. He takes him home.
  • Little Red Riding Hood - Kyungsoo goes thru the woods to grandmas and attracts wolf Jongin who accompanies him. Smut happens.
  • Can't fight the moonlight - Kyungsoo is a wolf in EXO and is trying to resist Jongin. smut.
  • Anchor - Based off of teen wolf (wolf jongin)
  • Instincts - wolf Jongin decides to finally hook up with the other teacher who has been dist...
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  • House of Wolves - 4 chapters Jongin starts high school and meets Kyungsoo, and even though other wolves try to run him off he can't leave soo. Light smut.
  • Full Moon Frights- 2 chapters. ends one sided. Kyungsoo is a wolf who has one night stands with Jongin, and then starts to like him too much. He eventually leaves Jongin (for a girl I think) and Jongin continues to pursue him unsuccessfully. some smut.
  • A bloody heir- 4 chapters Kyungsoo and Jongin go to high school together, and Jongin is a wolf. He notices Kyungsoo and saves him, and then Kyungsoo has to move in with the pack. smut
  • What Lurks - Like 50 chapters. Wolf Kyungsoo approaches Jongin in high school and asks to be his boyfriend.
  • Alpha Male Kyungsoo joins Jongin's high school and Jongin is really interested in him, but Kyungsoo tells him to stay away.
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  • For convenience's sake -a/b/o -where alpha Jongin is helping omega Kyungsoo through his heats but other than that Jongin has been away for awhile and he and Kyungsoo are strangers. smut.
  • There the shadows reach - Kyungsoo is a beta that is a lone wolf that is forced into another pack and has to learn to be part of a pack.
  • Shining Knight - a/b/o - Jongin is a lone wolf who finds abused omega hiding out at his house and is in heat. After smut happens Jongin helps him get his pack back. I hear this strays away from Kaisoo.
  • When Spring Comes - a/b/o - Omega Kyungsoo has come to the age where he can have a pup, and in his pack he can do it by way of a companion, but alpha Jongin comes to his pack and wants Kyungsoo.
  • Please don't go -pretty long- Alpha Jongin is a lone wolf who is injured and recovers in Omega Kyungsoo's pack. Kyungsoo's pack is an unua...
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  • You're my wolf - Author's description: Do Kyungsoo,a lonely boy,who is abused by his own father.After her mom ran away from their house.His father start abuse and hit him no matter what.Kyungsoo is a cute and thin.He really want to escape from his father and want someone who is love him to save him from his father. Kai,a wolf boy, he is a handsome boy and kind..what will happen if cute boy and handsome boy meet each other?
  • Doesn't exist - Jongin decides he wants Kyungsoo and kind of takes over his life. He claims him and moves him into his house and is his boss.
  • Divergence Black - I think Kyungsoo is some kind of supernatural detective or cop and Wolf Jongin helps him.
  • Werewolf and human - Jongin starts new at Kyungsoo's school and Kyungsoo has to show him around. He ends up following Jongin because he look...
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  • My Master- ongoing- Jongin is a captured wolf who has to do battle for entertainment and then Kyungsoo a vampire comes and takes him and they are together, but Jongin is supposed to hate vampires.
  • Hunt Me - Wolf Jongin hunts vampire soo to eliminate him, but they end up mating.
  • Come as you are-Jongin is a wolf and Kyungsoo is a vampire, and they are not supposed to be together.
  • Going Nowhere- Vampire Kyungsoo lures wolf Jongin
  • Wrong Bite- Jongin tries to kidnap this wolf his pack has beef with but instead he accidentally kidnaps a vampire and doesn't know it
  • Vampire Kisses smut
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  • Don't run away - 4 chapters- Kyungsoo is a bunny hybrid and Jongin is a wolf hybrid. Kyungsoo lives in a bunny town that Jongin comes to and finds Kyungsoo and a lot of smut happens.
  • Big (not so bad) Wolf - so Kyungsoo is actually a lamb hybrid in this. He goes to high school with a bunch of wolf hybrids who are always trying to get with him. fluff.
  • Moonlight - Jongin is a wolf fairy Kyungsoo sees in a lake one night, and goes back to the lake to find him again. He meets Jongin there and doesn't know it's the same person.
  • X is for soft kiss, O is for circle hug ... Jongin is a wolf hybrid who becomes dangerous during the full moon. Kyungsoo is a cat hybrid who helps calm him down.
  • Liar- wolf Jongin doesn't trust his mate,faerie Kyungsoo, but forgets that faries can't lie
  • And I watch over you until you find peac... best place I could put this, the wolf fa...
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