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Full-time coffee snob and idol boy enthusiast. Catch me crying @ ungodly hours of the night.

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Wow I hate writing about myself like this! But here we go!

  • I'm like, mentally ill as f*ck. Major anxiety issues, agoraphobia, BPD and all that fun stuff. I don't talk about it on this account at all, but I suppose it's good to be aware of it.
  • I just have poor health in general. Because of this I can't work all that much. My main income at this point is conventions. If you dig my art, commissioning me, tipping me via kofi or subscribing to me on patreon would really mean a heck of a lot!
  • I don't RT much NSFW stuff, but I talk about it sometimes in relation to future art related shenanigans like doujinshi, my comic and prints. I don't tag my chatter unless it's really vulgar or actual imagery.
  • I am a strong believer in fiction does not equal reality.
  • I can be pretty RT heavy at times. Mainly of things pertaining to my fandom interests.
  • I have no tolerance for fandom bullsh*t. I'm old and tired. I don't care. Yap on about how so and so is problematic but I honestly,, don't care.
  • If you're like 12 you probably shouldn't follow me but do whatever.
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