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Tabby | ⚧ | ♋ | INFP
I love Ouma Kokichi and Saihara Shuichi!!

tabby follows:
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  • Tabby, Oso
  • genderfluid, he/they preferred but if we're close any pronouns are fine! <3
  • i'm a demipan who loves girls a lot!!!!!
  • i live in TX, USA! and before you ask, no i don’t have a southern accent ><;;
  • i draw at times; i take requests, but only if it's something from one of my interests!
  • english is my native language but i'm learning japanese (self taught) and french!! even though i'm still learning, you can still talk to me in any of these bc it helps me practice and get better!
  • 15 yr old, july 18th, i'm a crybaby cancer
  • anyone over 18 is fine to follow!!
  • i have many mental illnesses so you'll probably see some of my coping here. don't be afraid to only like and not reply, if anything it helps!
may 20 2017 ∞
feb 13 2018 +
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  • danganronpa, sdr2, v3, udg
  • osomatsu san
  • idols + rhythm games; bandori, love live!, deresute, enstars
  • devilman
  • gintama
  • splatoon
  • bnha
  • vocaloid (i love A LOT of artists!!)
  • nge
  • pokemon
  • kirby
  • mario
  • sonic
  • mega man
  • indie games like yume nikki, OFF, hello charlotte etc.
  • overwatch; i main lúcio and junkrat!
  • musicals; hamilton, BMC, heathers, DEH
  • hnk
  • loz
may 20 2017 ∞
apr 6 2018 +
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don't follow IF:

  • you're racist/homophobic/transphobic/a terf/ignorant & hatefully bigoted
  • anti-kin
  • repost art without permission (you're my worst nightmare)


  • i won't usually RT politics
  • i will tag anything you ask me to
  • if i offend you or hurt your feelings in anyway PLEASE tell me! i would like it if you didn't just sb or block me because of it. i would like to know how i can change myself and watch what i say more often!
  • tag any videos containing any irl violence if you can.. bc of past trauma i hate seeing it even in video form. fictional is a-okay!
  • i'm a minor just keep that in mind but ns...
aug 28 2017 ∞
apr 6 2018 +
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  • LLSIF ID JPN: 250792045
  • LLSIF ID ENG: 070808906
  • IM@S:CG ID: 268151798
  • Discord: osoppi#7322
  • Blizzard: osomatsu#11901
  • Steam: shelbeeee
  • Nintendo Switch Friend code: SW-0104-6841-5722

for any of these pls tell me if you add me! especially for LLSIF since i'd need to clear out my friends list to add you

may 20 2017 ∞
apr 6 2018 +