• name: kim taehyung.
  • birthday: december 30th, 1995.
  • birthplace: daegu, south korea.
  • occupation: worker at kyros cafe.
  • residence: meraki, apartment #4
  • sexuality: panromantic, demisexual.
  • height: 179cm.
  • sns: kimtaehyvngs.
  • son of hypnos. / dream manipulation, fatigue manipulation.
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  • (+) creative, cheery, understanding, relaxed.
  • (-) airhead, unorganised, procrastinator, easily distracted.

powers! in depth!

    • still developing his powers.
  • dream manipulation; the ability to create, shape, enter and manipulate dreams. power may extend to reality. he's able to crossover objects/people from both worlds.
  • fatigue manipulation; the ability to control fatigue, physical and mental. he's able to increase, decrease, cause and prevent fatigue.

being the son of hypnos, it is common to find the boy yawning, dozing off or deep asleep when you spot him. more often than not, he'll probably be in his own dreaml...

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  • obvious favourite, nap time.
  • loves ramyeon, pizza, all sorts of food.
  • graduated as a fine arts major.
  • secretly, or not, an art hoe.
  • due to his nature, pissing him off or making him upset is difficult.
  • a sucker for small animals.
  • tries to not use his power, most of the times.
  • mood may cause unexpected power appearances.
  • constantly looks blank, it's normal.
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plots! dm if interested, or if you'd like to plot!

  • repeated customer / 0/1 / m/f

still developing his powers means many accidents and messing with fatigue at work; specifically, on this one person. what happens if said person finds out their reason for constantly feeling tired each time they pass the cafe when he's on shift?





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  • gmt plus eight.
  • preferably third pov, but usually mirrors.
  • feel free to dm for plots, pre-established relationships, etc.
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