• (+) creative, cheery, understanding, relaxed.
  • (-) airhead, unorganised, procrastinator, easily distracted.

powers! in depth!

    • still developing his powers.
  • dream manipulation; the ability to create, shape, enter and manipulate dreams. power may extend to reality. he's able to crossover objects/people from both worlds.
  • fatigue manipulation; the ability to control fatigue, physical and mental. he's able to increase, decrease, cause and prevent fatigue.

being the son of hypnos, it is common to find the boy yawning, dozing off or deep asleep when you spot him. more often than not, he'll probably be in his own dreamland, thanks to his ability to manipulate even daydreams. to the boy, nothing is better than being in bed and pressed against his soft pillows, walking through the countless realms of dream. regardless of how he may seem to be constantly in his own world, he's someone you can consider to turn to for advice or comfort; he can easily understand others, perhaps better than they do.

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