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— even if they're small, take one step at a time.

ami follows:

Hello it's ami ❉


  • 20↑ | canada | she/her
  • either talks a lot or goes poof for a while
    • even if i poof away, feel free to reach me in dms/line
  • i'm into a lot of things so! best not to follow if that might bother you
  • i really really love ponytails. and voices
  • i write, sometimes, (fics+original, prose+poetry) & doodle
  • sb/unfollow whenever you want
  • notes for mutuals & before you follow here

main content

  • animanga!! ongoing faves are especially recurring
  • seiyuu stuff
  • mobage (particularly tsukipara/a3)
  • games (esp jrpgs), visual novels, otoge, drama cds
    • fe/umineko/aa+dgs
  • plants, my cat (& all cats)
  • excellent Girl characters
  • personal/writing/miscellaneous :3c !!

more to know?

  • i love!! seiyuu!! — tosshi, sayaka ohara, tsudaken, tokishun, eguchan, soma, zakki, romi park (...)
  • utaite/vocaloid — meari, s!n, kashi, touyu, (...)
  • music — growth, akiko shikata, rurutia, bump of chicken (..)
  • reading/books, where all my money probably goes
  • webcomics, manhwa/hua, etc.
  • plants make me the happiest!! please don't litter or scratch trees
  • classical/instrumental music & good OSTs
  • animals!!, hanakotoba/flower language, literature,
  • i love and die over well-written girls i'll probably sit through 26+ episodes of bs for a good girl
jun 10 2016 ∞
jun 17 2018 +