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a forgetful, anxious and clumsy bookworm

honeybee follows:
Kate culture (2018)
littlewhitehouse ART (Favorite painters)
shirley podcasts (two thousand and eighteen)
cariatide television (episodes watched in 2018)
dana must-read classics texts
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  • wand: 14 ½" pinewood with unicorn hair core and supple flexibility*
  • pet: lykoi cat
  • house: Hufflepuff* / Horned serpent*
  • quidditch position: beater
  • animagus: Persian cat
  • patronus: dapple grey stallion*
  • boggart: crocodile*
  • mirror of erised: wealth
  • favourite core subjects: astronomy, defence against the dark arts, potions.
  • chosen elective subjects: muggle studies, care of magical creatures.
  • extra-curricular activities: ghoul studies, magical theory, orchestra.

* | pottermore

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may 13 2018 +
user picture Ezra: wow, i want to do one of these now! feb 2 2013
user picture honeybee: Well, I encourage you to! :)
user picture Lauren: I wish listography had a like button! feb 24 2013
user picture honeybee: Well a comment is just as good! :)
user picture laísi: i adore this list! <3 apr 11 2016
user picture honeybee: thanks, lovely.