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  • the gift shop assistant gave me a 20% discount on Abba merchandise at the Southbank Centre because of my enthusiasm
  • I got two of the last tickets for Chess ten minutes before it started and two nights before it closed
  • I get most of my theatre tickets at huge discounts, anything up to 80% and often in the first few rows of the stalls
    • partly because I buy strategically but also because people seem happy to drop the prices for me
  • my friend and I had our tickets for a television recording upgraded to guest list
  • I bought my laptop at a great price and for way less than it's worth
  • bus drivers used to wait for me when I lived in the south-west and was almost perpetually running late
  • someone gave me free Darth Vader socks at Comic Con
  • I sometimes win on claw machines
  • coffee baristas often give me little freebies, particular in winter when they have seasonal drinks with little extras
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