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a forgetful, anxious and clumsy bookworm

honeybee follows:
vagabond animals (dogs I meet)
cariatide television (episodes watched in 2018)
katya things (for which i'm jonesing)
marcella episodes (watched in 2018)
pinkfleur animals (favorites)
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  • basking shark
  • great white shark
  • greenland shark
      • many are blind
      • they live for hundreds of years
      • they swim really, really slowly
  • hammerhead shark
  • sand tiger shark
      • though they send a shiver down my spine
  • tiger shark
  • whale shark
mar 16 2017 ∞
jun 17 2018 +
user picture rose: Love. mar 16 2017
user picture honeybee: thank you, I'm glad! mar 17 2017
user picture flora: that's such an oddly specific list. i love it.
user picture honeybee: thank you! it's actually incomplete so far, I'm sure I'll add more.