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  • to eat one's friends has always seemed to me to be the epitome of ill manners.
  • I refuse to partake in something that is the result of senseless and commercialised violence.
  • I am lucky in that my survival is not dependent on the consumption of meat. I am aware this is a privilege.
  • nor is my survival more important than the survival of other lives: I am not superior.
  • there is no logical way to distinguish between the animals one should and should not eat. (if you wouldn't eat a dog, why eat a cow?)
  • no one ever got food poisoning by eating broccoli.
  • meat is pretty bad for you (according to the WHO).

reasons I am no longer a vegan

  • it is probably what made me really sick
    • I had to go to hospital
    • I no longer have any issues after reintroducing dairy to my diet
      • I don't appear to be lactose intolerant any more
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user picture vagabond: this. all of this. may 25 2015
user picture honeybee: merci, stevie!
user picture Jenn: HECK YES! *thumbs up* Thank you for this awesome list. :) may 28 2015
user picture honeybee: Thank you! I take it you're a vegetarian, too?!
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user picture lydia: thank you ♥
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user picture emi: "nor is my survival more important than the survival of other lives: I am not superior." oh yes, such a good point. i love this list! dec 28 2015
user picture honeybee: thank you :)
user picture plantinha: this is so necessary thank you so much for doing this list :) nov 16 2016
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