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"I had to fight like hell
& fighting like hell
has made me what I am."

Taylor follows:
  • I don't want to raise them in a world like this.
  • I'm not strong enough to see them suffer, physically or emotionally.
  • I can't even take care of myself. How could I take care of someone else?
  • I don't think I'll ever be financially stable enough to give them everything they deserve.
  • I need to be alone sometimes for my own sanity.
  • I am way too emotionally unstable.
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I used to like Rory Gilmore... a lot. I envied her bookish ways, her ability to eat massive quantities of crap and not gain a pound, and of course, her awesome relationship with her mother. As Gilmore Girls has gone on, I've started to like Rory less and less. I find her personality grating on me as the seasons go on. And so I take a moment to vent on why I think Rory Gilmore is an awful person and unlikeable character overall. Warning: Strong opinions ahead.

  • She jerks around men that truly care about her. Especially Dean who basically throws away his marriage to only be ditched again by Rory. Poor Dean! She ruined his life and was completely manipulative towards him. And poor Lindsay for having to be apart of the destruction.
  • She is spoiled rotten. Her Yale education, fancy purses, a car for graduation, champagne-laden parties with boys meant to woo her. She is a rich ...
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • The Order: 1886
  • The Evil Within
  • Don't Starve
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  • Legal
    • Get Kentucky state driver's license
    • Register to vote in Lexington
    • Register car and get new license plate
  • Appointments
    • See psychiatrist and determine medicine plan
    • See obgyn and determine birth control plan
    • See dermatologist and determine skin plan
    • See dentist and clean teeth/ get xrays
    • See general practitioner for stomach problems or referral
    • See chiropractor for herniated disc ($35/ session)
  • Weight
    • Start going to the gym regularly
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