• I have no money.
  • I don't know how I'm going to work with this anxiety.
  • I'm out of weed, my go-to medicine.
  • I feel overwhelmed when I think about applying for disability and unemployment.
  • My car is dead.
  • How in the hell am I exactly going to make 100 lists of 100 items, I guess this is going to be an ongoing thing. This really shouldn't stress me out...
  • I need to call back my doctor, but it's giving me anxiety. I really need to just go and see her, but I get anxious.
  • Is it my responsibility or my therapist's responsibility to make the appointments? I thought she was going to contact me when she has an opening so we wouldn't have them set too far in advance because doing so makes me anxious, but I haven't heard from her?
  • Sullivan needs to find a job.
  • I'm worried my items won't sell, and that's my only source of income. Plus, what will I do when I run out again?
  • my Mac isn't charging, and I don't know why, and it's old as fuck, and what would I do if it dies?
  • How am I going to see my therapist? (with this anxiety?)
  • Am I going to finish making these gifts before Christmas?
  • Where the fuck is my motivation? (Or is it just my period fucking things up?)
  • Speaking of menstruation, why am I bleeding?
  • If my anxiety prevents me from going to someplace simple like Costco, how will I be able to go to therapy, or work?
  • Why is making Christmas presents making me anxious?
  • How can I do anything if I can't even make it to my therapist?
oct 26 2016 ∞
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