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  • roselia
  • i am princess x / look what you made me do quotes (picspam?)
  • raven cycle
  • six of crows
  • hades and persephone
  • modern gods
  • gods as teenage girls (make what you know :v)
  • mythological creatures
  • moodboard memes
  • notice me senpai moodboards for embep
  • granblue moodboards would be cute af just bc the art is so cute
  • celtic mythology: selkies, fairfolk, morrigan, what type of god/goddess/aesthetic - ask for fave color
  • color series edits
  • style series edits
  • az challenge
  • lyrics/songs? an edit for every song in an album or something
  • songs and mythology insp
  • monster by skillet and monster by exo lyrics coupled w/ gladion and ilima for gl
  • vampires
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