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  • 6.13 We have updated the user homepage (we still have some tweaking to do). Overall, we wanted everything below the "about me" box to be lists and to make room for a whole extra column of lists --now there's three. This is in preparation for something fun we're working on for the future. We know change is hard...but hopefully you'll love that all your lists are in one area and all else is above.
  • 2.13 We have updated how we do list images on our website. You can now combine IMAGES + TEXT on photo lists. It's not perfect but we're getting there! Eventually we'll let you add images from other websites to your lists steps! Note: PLEASE update your iPhone app when prompted. You won't be able to add images via your iPhone just yet...but we're working on that next.
  • 11.11 site maintenance, removed spaces between list boxes, edit mode update to prepare for adding images to lists feature in the coming weeks
  • 2.11 index view of your lists launched
  • 1.11 checkmarks updated (smaller), sublists bullets corrected to match guide
  • 11.10 iPhone app release
  • 5.10 list design update: more colors, alphabetize & itemize lists & 3 fonts choices.
  • 5.10 we have decided to close our Feature User link
  • 3.10 new series of preset background image choices (under settings). thank you mysitemyway!
  • 11.09 Design refresh. Easier to navigate list options at the bottom of each list. Your personalized categories now included in the category list menu.
  • 6.09: Take a look at your URLs for your lists. It now includes your list category and title in the url for your lists.
  • 2.09: under tool and "show links", listography is now listed as one of the links so you can search within the site.
  • 2.09: RSS List Feed. Look under tools for the new RSS list feed tool. An RSS feed is a tool found on many websites. Ask a friend if you've never used it's very helpful!
  • 9.08: new customization feature! Create your own background image or choose from our artwork (do a search for royalty free seamless wallpaper). Go to the setting pages to start...
  • 6.08: new home page (our home page photo will change often)! & Biko's mascot page for list ideas, featured users list, and site updates.
  • 5.08: New formatting features (see guide for help): bold, italic, checkmarks, link single words or whole lines, urls now linked automatically, create sublists, create paragraphs within lists.
  • 5.08: Both the list creation date and the updated date are viewable on your lists now.
  • 5.08 Streamlined "tools" menu and "show links" tool.
  • 5.08: Google maps and Flickr added to the link generator.
  • 5.08: Keep yourself logged-in by clicking the box on the home page.
  • 3.08: Search Lists: On each users page you will see a mini search box below their folders. You can now search within a user's PUBLIC lists. For example, if you're going to the bookstore and you know your friend has a great list on "books to read", you can easily find it amongst their lists.
  • 3.08: Show Longer Lists in Place: Lists appear in an abbreviated form when they are longer than ten entries. You can now easily expand those lists in place for full viewing by clicking on "show all items" at the bottom of the list.
  • 3.08: Favorites Updates: It use to be that you'd click on one of your favorite's updated lists and it would take you to their entire page. Now you can click on either the specific list to just see that list or you can click on their name and see their home page.
  • 2.08 New feature called "link generators". If you click "tool" at the bottom of a list box, you can choose from some common search engines to explore list items. When you do this, generated links will appear next to each list item.
  • 1.08: Edit lists in place without being taken to a new page.
  • 7.07 Moveable Boxes. Now you can move your lists around like magic! It's a little touchy sometimes but I think it addresses what we've all been wanting, and that is to be able to move certain lists to the top. Just use the little handle on the right side of your list when logged in.
  • 4.07: You can add a LIST PHOTO to your lists in edit now! See featured for example.
  • 2/07: update, redesign and search...details to follow.
  • 1.07: You will now receive email notification when someone replies to your comments.
  • 12.06: Email lists when logged in.
  • 11.06: Make private lists and new folders.
  • 9.06: You can now create a short intro in each list...see the hints.
  • 9.06: Strike-through list items by placing a dash after the asterix or numeral.
  • 6.06: You may now make any list item (except photos) linked by using the square brackets, not just items in certain list categories.
  • 6.06: Receive an email notification when someone has left you a comment. The notification may be disabled on the Settings page.
jun 13 2008 ∞
jun 10 2013 +
user picture Nathalie: I'm looking to categorize my lists, but I only see options for the common folders "main" "ongoing" "archive" and "private", Is there any way that I can make my own lists? mar 24 2010
user picture Nathalie: folders, I meant make my own folders.
user picture listography: Hi! Currently you cannot make more folders. You can make categories which will automatically create folders in your archive -when you move lists to the archive (i.e. if you have a restaurants category all those lists will be under restaurants in your archive). Someday we hope to allow for more folders.
user picture Rosey: Hi! I love your site! I hope you can put an option of linking or sharing certain lists to sites like facebook. thanks! :) apr 7 2010
user picture listography: we've definitely got this on our radar. thank you for the feedback. apr 11 2010
user picture Taylor!: Is there anyway I could, like, text a list? may 1 2010
user picture listography: you can email a list using tools but at the moment we are not set up for texting...but we'll keep this in mind as we work on new features :)
user picture tara: I love my listo, except for one thing. The plain-Jane generic Arial font! Are there any plans to include different font choices? may 11 2010
user picture Candra: thx u thx u so very muchness for the new updated listography! love it may 15 2010
user picture Doug: I'd like to say I love the newly added "alphabetize feature!" and it's nice to finally see a bit of an update... great work! Thank you to the Listography team! may 18 2010
user picture Doug: perhaps the photo lists can include an area to write more in the beginning of the list, as well as captions ...? maybe even extend the amount of photos that can be added to a single list???? may 24 2010
user picture listography: Hi Doug...after the Iphone app this is definitely way up there on our list! We're excited about this one! Thanks for writing...good to know you'd be into it too!
user picture Doug: cant wait !
user picture Raych: Yay!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the iPhone app!! It has been my wish! :D may 27 2010
user picture EstroJen: Will parts of the iPhone app work when I'm not in a wi-fi area? That is my big hope as I spend most of my time in a dead zone. Can't wait for its release! may 31 2010
user picture listography: Totally. Once your lists are synced to your phone you'll be able to read them in non-wi-fi area but you'll just need network to save any changes you've made...working on it :-)
user picture Raych: Any estimated month when it the iPhone app would be released? Is it a paid app or free? :P jun 3 2010
user picture lisa: we're hoping by july. not sure about any other details yet...
user picture Holly: Thank you so much for working on an iPhone app! Awesome! jun 18 2010
user picture Stefan Hayden: Is there a way that you can keep a history of how a list has changed over time? Like Wikipedia? I'm less interested in making a list of my favorite shows. but I'd be really interested to see how that list changes over time. jun 22 2010
user picture listography: Thank you for the feedback. We'll definitely keep this in mind for the future...
user picture Katt: The new fonts are great. I just wish we could change the title's font for photo lists. It sucks to have all your lists in Times New Roman and then one little photo list in Arial. It really brings out the OCD in me. jun 26 2010
user picture listography: Hi Katt, good point. We will definitely keep this in mind for future updates
user picture Mmmbacon: Well, since everyone else is throwing out suggestions, I would like to see an export feature for backup purposes. I've backed up my site, but it would be nice to have one built in. Thanks for your consideration. PS Im still fairly new here, whattaya gotta do to become a listographer on the front page? :-) jul 19 2010
user picture thatsamazing: Yay for the iPhone app! :) Hopefully it will be much more accessible than the site on Safari. jul 25 2010
user picture Katt: Whaaa? September isn't the summer! (I know you're trying your hardest, but I'm going crazy!) jul 27 2010
user picture listography: I know...we want to make sure it works well so we need a little more time. It might come sooner but we want to be realistic. Thanks for supporting the site :)
user picture Katt: Well, thanks for being awesome.
user picture Jeremy H.: Any app for the iPad? aug 1 2010
user picture listography: Hi, we're focusing on the Iphone at the moment and perhaps the Ipad in the future ;)
user picture Mandonna: Just a design peeve - would it be possible to make the check mark smaller or make a double strikethrough available? aug 16 2010
user picture listography: I totally agree. Adam is working on making that check mark box smaller and it should go in the next update. Thank you so much for writing. We have a strike through available. Double-strike not sure yet but we'll keep it in mind! aug 24 2010
user picture Neva: OMG YES!!!!! aug 23 2010
user picture Beau: Idea for an update: change the format where you choose the color of your list. Instead of having 24 boxes, make it something like this so people can customize it more to their liking, and possibly save past 10 colors used? I don't know! Just a thought :). The site is amazing as it is. sep 2 2010
user picture listography: Hi Thai...thank you for the feedback!
user picture gianna: oh my god. so excitingg~ sep 13 2010
user picture Jasmine: this is great & would be great for Blackberrys too is this in the works? sep 15 2010
user picture listography: not right now, but it's definitely on our list!
user picture Taleeya: I would like to add a user's LIST to my favourites instead of adding the user (and all of their lists) sep 17 2010
user picture listography: Hi Taleeya. As of now, you can only add a user to favorites. We'll definitely keep your feedback in mind. In the meantime, you can follow a list by using the RSS feature under "tools". You bookmark the list and the RSS link will display when the list has been updated... thank you Taleeya!
user picture bridget: is it going to be a free app?
user picture listography: hi bridget. since adam and i aren't funded and we run the site independently without ads, we will be charging for our app. not much more than the price of a latte though :)
user picture badeshida: LOVE the new preset backgrounds. sep 20 2010
user picture a la folie: Since you're able to move your lists around, you should look into making that available in the archives. That what if you have more than one kind of list, like music, you can move those around to your liking. sep 21 2010
user picture listography: totally. thank you for the suggestion. we'll keep it in mind! sep 22 2010
user picture Harley: Do you think you could make a way to make the strikethrough go through just a part of the line, like you can with the bold or italics? also, why have all the bullet points suddenly doubled in size? they looked nicer before, but I don't really mind. sep 21 2010
user picture listography: hi thank you for the feedback. we'll keep this in mind. we didn't change the size of bullets though...weird. we will be changing the size of the check marks soon, making them smaller :) sep 22 2010
user picture Harley: Oh that's great! and the bullet points just changed for a few hours last night, they are back to normal again now. Thank you - I really appreciate the site - it saves a lot of time and effort, I no longer have to scribble on bits of paper that constantly get lost :)
user picture midori: I'd love to be able to change the color of the text in my lists! sep 29 2010
user picture lisa: Thank you for your input...we'll keep this in mind :) sep 30 2010
user picture Raych: Tomorrow's October already! :)
user picture lisa: LOL. The app is done but we're fixing bugs then sending off to Apple for approval...soon soon :)
user picture Katt: Good. I was about to cry when I saw late October. At least it's finished though. I love you guys! oct 2 2010
user picture listography: I's taken a while. Since we do this in our spare time it's challenging. Thanks for the support and glad you guys use the site :)
user picture gianna: YAY! At least it's finally finished :] can't wait ~ oct 3 2010
user picture verena: haha i've been stalking the release of the app since's going to be the first app 'll pay for, and i'm so excited! xD oct 6 2010
user picture listography: you guys are awesome. thanks :)
user picture Alex Wise: Can't wait for this to be released :) oct 23 2010
user picture tehlime: I love this site. Thanks for making it such a lovely place! :)
user picture Abbey: I was under the impression from the guide that every bullet on a different indented level thing would look different. I made a list with those but all the bullets were the same. It's got my OCD kickin into overdrive looll xD cuz even though each category/subcategory is indented, its still hard for me to tell what goes where. It would just help me a lot if you could fix that :) Thank you! I love the site. Idk what I'd do w/o ittt!! :) <3 oct 25 2010
user picture listography: Hi. You are right! Our error. Either we'll work on making it like the guide or we'll have to change the guide. But you'll have to hold tight before we can investigate it. We're busy with the app and some other updates...but thank you for pointing it out!
user picture Abbey: Thank you so much for fixing it!!!! I can finally breathe LOL ;) jan 8 2011
user picture Bliss: I don't know what, if anything, can be done about plagiarism on the site. My lists have been copied verbatim quite a few times and it's very irksome. I didn't know if perhaps there was a moderator who could delete plagiarized lists? nov 3 2010
user picture listography: Hi there. There's no easy way to respond accept to say that it sucks :( Internet plagiarism is rampant but it is not a crime. Otherwise, all our users would be punished for the photos they use in their list images. It is sanctioned only in professions that are strictly based on writing such as academics, etc, and also affect livelihood. I try to take it as a compliment if someone copies my lists. In fact, there are blogs where people write my listography book lists out verbatim but it's a never ending battle and uses to much of my happy energy to pursue it. Lists are also tricky. For example, I've borrowed lists from other sources and put them into my listography, such as "the essential jazz albums" or the guardians "top books of all time". Although I haven't borrowed from a user on listography, I could imagine that if someone made an amazing bucket list that I came across, I might adopt it. I know it's not the most comforting answer. Right now, we're in iPhone land. Eventually we'll get around to making private accounts. That might be the direction you want to head. Or putting sacred lists into your private folder. You can also leave a kind note in their comments requesting that they remove the list or mention where it came from, but it cannot be guaranteed that they'll respond. If you are going to publish and copyright your lists, then your publisher can use copyright laws to ask them to remove it. You're an awesome list maker and obviously inspiring some folks on how it's done...
user picture Kristen: Just a fun idea that may be cool for people who have had developed their listographies as a kind of comprehensive framework of themselves over a long period of time - it would be awesome if you were able to have a "timeline view" of your lists, a timeline expanded in accordance to the proportion of dates your lists were made, with links to every list you have (even the archived) and a highlighted coverage of how long that list's life has spanned (from the creation date to the last time it was updated). Looking back at how some of my friends' and I's lists have developed and how some ideas of ours have froze in time, I would absolutely love to see this mapped out for me one day! nov 7 2010
user picture listography: that is such an awesome idea! we love it. will definitely keep this in mind for the future :-) thank you for writing... nov 8 2010
user picture Kristen: or another thought on this (sorry if this alls seems like fantastical banter!) - I'm sure you're aware of how opens it's data to third-party build programs, where you could simply enter your username in whatever program you choose to use and tons of free and great ideas are created with the information provided through This is probably a giant undertaking, but it would also be really cool to be able to use key words, stats, dates, etc. of your lists generated by your listography's URL in third-party created programs to generate all sorts of different things with your lists. The opportunities for how people get creative with their tons of information converted into their listography lists would be creatively endless! and then even the timeline I was thinking about above could even be created due to this.
user picture jo: Hi. I'd just like to say, thank you so very much! for these awesome updates. Please keep it up! I look forward to using my listography more each day now. :) jan 23 2011
user picture listography: thank you! feb 19 2011
user picture wsabrina: I love listography with allll my heart but I was wondering if (not sure if this was already suggested) you guys could add a feature where we can add our own picture to the background, for more creative freedom. Also if there could be a type of "homepage" or "dashboard" where we could add friends and see their recent lists, it's kind of tedious always going back and forth to my friend's listographies... Awesome site so far though! Looking forward to future improvements! jan 28 2011
user picture listography: hi. you can add your own background image under settings. you can also favorite people to follow them on your homepage. see the guide for info :) feb 19 2011
user picture Kristine: what do you mean by 'index view of lists'? feb 20 2011
user picture listography: please see the link below your folders :) feb 27 2011
user picture Reen: Thank you for the index view. Keep it up. :) feb 21 2011
user picture Wendy: Hello, I just have one question: What is the maximum size for a list image? Whenever I upload a 100x100 image, it somehow gets even smaller and very pixellated. Your list image is bigger than that, so I would like to know if it's possible to have my list image larger as well. If not, then a feedback I have is to allow at least a 100x100 size icon for individual lists, because smaller than that just doesn't look nice. feb 27 2011
user picture listography: Our list image is 100X100 and when the list is expanded (you click on the list title bar) it is 200x200.
user picture laciejewel: 1) This has probly already been mentioned but I'd like to see a way to print out our lists; 2) A way to search EVERYBODY'S lists. For example, I'm always looking for some new quotes so if we could search listography for anything w/"quotes" in it or "Brad Pitt" if I wanted to see lists that mention Brad Pitt (which I don't but u get the idea). :-) mar 21 2011
user picture listography: Awesome...thank you for the feedback! may 23 2011
user picture bailey: what'd i'd like to see on listography is an option to make your page private (similar to protecting your account on formspring maybe?) there are lists i don't mind sharing with friends (hence why i dont put in private folder) but i wouldnt want any person that happens to find my page to read it. so maybe make it so you approve someone before they can see your page? jun 2 2011
user picture listography: thank you for taking the time to comment. we take these into consideration as the site evolves and appreciate it! jul 11 2011
user picture allie: I have to agree with BK. I'm very picky about the order I like my lists to be in and I feel they're all very jumbled now. Sorry for complaining, guys, I know how hard you work to make us listography users happy and I do appreciate it very much. nov 17 2011
user picture listography: hi! one of our updates removed all the big spaces between lists of different sizes. we're on a two column system now to make it work. the update shouldn't have jumbled too much but please email us if you noticed major changes. thank you for writing...we love the feedback so no need to apologize :)
user picture allie: Sorry for yet another comment, but I've noticed that when we put a word in brackets such as [this], it comes up with the broken image icon when we save the list. Does this mean we'll be able to add images to our lists using the URL soon? Is this the "adding images to lists feature"? If so, I think it's a really good idea :) dec 11 2011
user picture listography: Ah ha! We've been discovered. Yes, soon we'll be able to add images within our lists...we're still working out some kinks. Thanks for writing and good detective work. dec 12 2011
user picture allie: Ha ha! I love you guys. It sounds like a great new feature :)
user picture allie: I've noticed that the feature is up and running. Are you guys going to share the secret, yet? ;) jan 7 2012
user picture listography: Sneaky! We have not launched it yet. There are still some I'm testing things out...and we're changing the layout a bit. But we're getting close!
user picture allie: Sorry, guys! I guess I'm being a little impatient, I just love new updates on here :) jan 8 2012
user picture Becca: So I'm not sure if this has been put out there already, but have you looked into adding a section where you can see who has favourited, or maybe even just a number of the people. I'd also be interested in being able to search for certain types of list e.g. "books to read" amongst all users. Perhaps have an option whether lists are 'private' or 'public'. Just throwing some ideas out there. apr 26 2012
user picture listography: thank you for the feedback. we definitely have similar ideas in mind to address this that we hope to get to :) may 19 2012
user picture wafa: Hey, I wanted to ask if you guys could allow us to track the people who favorite us. Like a little notification or something of the sort? Also, thanks for creating this little OCD paradise in the first place, you guys rule. aug 24 2012
user picture listography: Thank you Wafa! We definitely have this feature on our list for future updates...appreciate your feedback :) nov 24 2012
user picture Laurene: Why did you remove the search on listography ? It was so helpful to find new ideas and new lists, please put it again :) oct 10 2012
user picture listography: The search feature works within your own lists (under your folders) but we have disabled searching through the entire site. We were experiencing some difficulties. We hope to bring it back down the line...and appreciate your feedback about it :) nov 24 2012
user picture kalena: Same question! Is the search feature disabled permanently, or can I just not find it? This is one of the best parts of listography! nov 23 2012
user picture listography: The search feature works within your own lists (under your folders) but we have disabled searching through the entire site. We were experiencing some difficulties. We hope to bring it back down the line...and appreciate your feedback about it :) nov 24 2012
user picture a la folie: Is there any thoughts about being able to drag/drop your archived lists or having them be alphabetizer by the title once they move to categories? dec 1 2012
user picture listography: Not yet but thank you for this feedback :) jan 2 2013
user picture Sarah: Hi is there any way I can delete a category I made myself from the list of categories?? jan 1 2013
user picture Sarah: For example if I made a spelling error and I no longer wanted that category there can it be deleted?
user picture listography: Hi Sarah, I had to explore if when you delete all lists with that category title if it would delete it from the choices, and it does. So just delete all lists with that category title and it should go away. The only ones that stay permanently are the ones we have pre-programmed. jan 2 2013
user picture charlie: I remember there used to be a "featured" user link somewhere on the site, has this been removed? There also was a list with all the previous features user, if I recall correctly. jan 7 2013
user picture listography: Hi CHarlie, there was indeed. We removed these features just to add a little more privacy for our users. mar 1 2013
user picture jayne.: How do I go about just having icons in lists (like on the side) rather than attaching images in the body of lists? Is that still possible? feb 25 2013
user picture listography: Click: create list > modify > set icon (under "design") If you are creating a list with images, you use "attach images" but you cannot use the icon feature for those types of lists. mar 1 2013
user picture tegu lizards: Just started here, love it, I have only one question/suggestion: custom folders? or tagging? I would like to be able to group my lists by topic. may 4 2013
user picture lilou: While I appear to be in the minority, I have to say I'm rather fond of the new layout! There are a few imperfections (mainly that the top bar is a tad clunky, particularly when I view the full list of my favourite users), but there's nothing I can't live with, especially if it's for the sake of a fun new update down the line. :) jun 11 2013
user picture listography: Yes we agree...we're hoping to adjust the top bar soon. Thanks for the positive feedback...and we'll keep improving :) jun 18 2013
user picture anya: is there any way I can make my listography visible for me only? or maybe some of the lists? jul 6 2014
user picture listography: we don't have private accounts yet. you can make individual lists private however :-) jul 7 2014
user picture Lou: Hi! Thanks for this amazing initiative :-) I've just been wondering if there's a way to have a little sight on who's following you? It has been a cool surprise to visit a listo and suddenly see myself between the followed, but I'd like to know that also without the coincidental bump-in :-) jul 12 2014
user picture listography: thank u! we don't have this feature yet but hope to in the future :) oct 6 2014
user picture rebecca: i bet if you guys made a go fund me /kickstarter account for fixing the iphone app amongst other things, youd definitely be able to get the app in a much more functional state. I'd 1000% donate towards that! jun 14 2016
user picture kei: i just wanted to leave a comment to say how much i love listography. i've been using it for years and hope that i can continue to use it for years to come! love the books, too! oct 20 2016