• magic
  • control & the lack thereof
  • identity and/as oppression
  • the interconnectedness (or not) of place, experience and identity
  • nostalgia as fuel for the future
  • to explore a past that never existed
  • weirdness as okay
  • the time and space of creative trips


  • archiving concerns in fandom communities
  • the death and possible revival of personal websites and why
  • critical regionalism
    • and the internet
    • and zines
  • political organisation in harry potter
  • the library as a prepared environment
  • the model and function of brautigan's library
  • against universalisation: a possible library science of difference (does universalisation deny difference?)
  • the theory of social change of library activism
  • genrefication and genre theory
    • classification of video game genres
    • how classification can help consolidate a space for art games
  • open-source guide to teaching zines
  • a primer on why mainstream social media is shitty and what we can do about it. include historical examples of how the web's been conceived of, attempts to reclaim it, redefine it in different terms eg. cyberfeminism etc.
  • an essay, as in an attempt, on a general theory of the politicisation of poweirdness
  • project xanadu and early conceptions of the world wide web as a knowledge system
  • internet archaeology: why and how


  • short story zines to distribute locally, stories written for specific places
  • a fanfic of in watermelon sugar (the bomb and how we built it)
  • marblepunk
  • a fanfic of hay day
  • my apartment during difficult times
  • when things work out
  • patagonia is not a place, it's a destination, she said
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