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It seems like I've already meet perfect guy for myself:)


  • dark hair
  • dark or green eyes
  • boyish face
  • have few original tattoos
  • skinny (but not in unhealthy way)
  • about 180cm tall (or less)
  • soft lips
  • long fingers (with no gnawed nails - I hate that)
  • tender look
  • fringe covering one eye
  • ear piercing
  • he wears stylish clothes
  • he doesn't use hair gel (I would never dating someone who's using hair gel)
  • pale creamy skin (with no freckles)


  • reads a lot
  • likes good movies
  • likes walk and traipse
  • he's always self-possessed and cool
  • he smiles a lot
  • has sophisticated sense of humor
  • our relationship is very serious for him
  • he likes hugs and cuddle
  • he can speak at least two languages
  • he's making some art/craft
  • vegetarian
  • he likes to listen music all the time
  • he likes spending money for nice stuff, he's not parsimonious (but he doesn't have debts)
  • he wants to see the world and likes travel
  • he likes sex, changes and discovering new things
  • sometimes he likes boys
  • likes to cook
  • he makes mess but he's not dirty
  • he doesn't care about politics but he's tolerant
  • he's naturally buoyant, cheery and merry (but he is able to cry when experience sadness or sorrow)
  • smokes
  • he's not mean
  • likes concerts, festivals and parties
  • likes alcohol (but he knows when stop drinking)
  • he's not afraid to say true and be honest
  • sensitive and empathetic
  • he isn't aggressive (no violence at all)
  • he likes and want to learn something new all the time

we would together:

  • spending all days in bed, cuddling, reading, watching films, talking, listening music, eating sweets etc.
  • travel and discover new places, take long road trips, camping
  • inspire each other
  • buy loft or big apartment and design whole interior
  • raise a cat or dog
  • he would show me new things, teach me new things
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user picture Marisa: That sounds like the perfect guy, for any decent girl. mar 1 2011