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24, enjoys walks, birdwatching, peoplewatching and reading voraciously, traveling, tea, coffee, cats, dogs, whiskey but perhaps not all at once//enrolled in the grad school of life

currently listening to: Jon Bellion's -Human Condition-

currently reading: Messages from an Owl

maria follows:
Amanda about me (Ways I've been described by others)
to do (Portland Bucket List)
notes (Advice Given to Me: My First Year in Ministry)
food (Portland Food and Drinks!)
Eleanor notes (Calms me down)
  • pai mu tan imperial, a China White Tea
  • yorkshire gold
feb 6 2017 ∞
mar 6 2017 +

found while picking up trash at county of san diego parks

  • multiple dead kangaroo rats
  • toenail clippers
  • a single bobby pin
  • the head of a mannequin
  • a bracelet with the slogan "O.T.A. Rules!!!!"
  • a bobble head butterfly (found on the bathroom sink)
  • a straw hat
  • lots of lighters
  • a beaded earring hanging in a bush
  • an Adidas slip on sandal
  • a used diaper
  • empty can of sweet peas
  • candy bracelets
  • bird poop on a church pew (inside a historic building)
  • a mancala stone
  • a child's backpack full of rocks
jan 30 2017 ∞
jan 30 2017 +
  • a woman (Sophie) was sitting at table 31 at Meshuggah with a sketch book, drawing and glancing up at Eli & I doing the crossword at the counter. after a short while, she showed us her drawing- all of us behind the counter! my head is down, studying the crossword, but you could see my glasses and my hair pulled up in a half pony.
  • clawhammer style on the banjo is starting to 'click' for me! I freestyled a bit with All Creatures of Our God & King and now I'm basking in some banjo-y Sufjan Stevens. sublime.
jan 11 2017 ∞
jan 30 2017 +
  • It depends, does your breath smell like chimichangas? thank you scrubs
  • A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality.
  • I want a cactus in a cute little pot and I’ll name it after you because you’re a prick.
  • I will slit your knee caps and ship you to Antarctica.
  • Please fly into the sun now.
  • Most of the time I want to staple things to her head. thank you Bridget Jones
  • Capt Haddock: You..fancy-dress freebooter/abominable snowman/pickled herring/sea-gherkin...
  • You grackle. thank you Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Jello-bellied hellhound. thank you, Wodehouse
  • "He did not mention that he was a lineal descendant of Balaam's ass; but every body knew that without his telling it." thank you, Twain
jul 25 2014 ∞
jun 18 2016 +
  • write in a foreign language
  • how food tastes
  • what a place smells like
  • the weather
  • feelings
  • little moments/grand moments
  • keep running lists on the last few pages: best moments, list of adventures, favorite smells, places you've skipped stones, places you read outside, the weird places wherein you wrote in your notebook, people you met
  • start the notebook off with a good quote
  • press wildflowers
  • playlists
apr 5 2014 ∞
jul 6 2015 +
  • origins of the universe
  • art history
  • wine-tasting
  • nutrition
  • mental math whizzes
  • chess
  • music appreciation/composers
  • history of photography
  • jazz music
  • relativity & quantum physics
  • geology
  • oceanography
  • anatomy
  • basics of cooking
  • writings of Edith Stein
  • gardening
  • baseball history
jun 11 2013 ∞
oct 28 2015 +
  • "I'm a long time travelling away from home/I'm a long time travelling here below/To lay this body down" Long Time Traveller The Wailin' Jennys
  • "Good night to these wretched forms/All them gray eyes on the subway/So long before you were born/You were always to be a dagger floating straight to their heart." Rifle's Spiral The Shins
  • "Make me a drink strong enough/To wash away this dishwater world they said was lemonade" No Way Down The Shins
  • "You sure must be strong/And you feel like an ocean/Being warmed by the sun" Simple Song The Shins
may 24 2014 ∞
may 24 2014 +
  • Helplessness Blues Fleet Foxes
  • Fear Fun Father John Misty
  • American Idiot Green Day
  • When the Night St. Lucia
  • Port of Morrow The Shins
  • Sign No More Mumford & Sons
  • Graceland Paul Simon
  • His Band and the Street Choir Van Morrison
  • Trouble Will Find Me The National
dec 4 2011 ∞
jul 7 2015 +
  • Juno Concerto Bela Fleck
  • Throw Down Your Heart Bela Fleck (Country section of VV)
  • Outbound Bela Fleck (Jazz section of VV)
  • Left of Cool Bela Fleck (Country section of VV)
  • The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales from the Acoustic Planet Bela Fleck
  • Live Art Bela Fleck (Country section of VV)
  • Human Condition Jon Bellion (Rap section of VV)
  • Carrie & Lowell sufjan
  • all Father John Misty
  • all Marina & the Diamonds
  • Port of Morrow The Shins
  • His Band and the Street Choir van morrison
mar 6 2017 ∞
mar 24 2017 +
  • "You know I am always serious about dance." Rogelio, Jane the Virgin
  • "And I don't mean to swear sir but no thank you." Kenneth, 30 Rock
  • "God are you mad at me because my hair is better than yours?" Jenna, 30 Rock
jan 30 2017 ∞
jan 30 2017 +
  • "The Tragic Death of Mark Baumer, a Prolific Poet & Environmental Activist for the Social-Media Age" heyward for the new yorker
  • "Trump's Executive Order on Refugees - Separating Fact from Hysteria" d. french for national review (this article focuses on injuries & death from poc extremist immigrants and does not address the deaths arising from anti-muslim white terrorists)
  • "It's Time for Honest Talk about Muslim Immigration" d. french for national review
  • "Ten Centuries Later, a Pope and Knights Do Battle" horowitz for the new york times
  • "A black Dallas family 'did everyting America said we should' but still endures racism daily" mervosh for the Dallas Morning News
jan 29 2017 ∞
feb 6 2017 +
  • The Walking Dead, Vol 1: Days Gone Bye kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol 2: Miles Behind Us kirkman
  • Wildwood Imperium meloy
  • The Walking Dead, Vol 3: Safety Behind Bars kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol 4: The Heart's Desir kirkman
  • (currently) Messages from an Owl terman

shortlist/up-next: heart of darkness, life the universe & everything, a christmas carol

jan 13 2017 ∞
feb 6 2017 +
  • Blistering barnacles!/Billions of blue blistering barnacles!
  • Oh, sugar!
  • Crumble.
  • Liza Minelli!/Shiza Binelli
oct 30 2015 ∞
jan 9 2017 +
  • listen to francoise hardy
  • only allow yourself to go on pinterest, no other social media shall be allowed
  • pay attention to your breathing
  • try simple yoga poses: child's pose, reclining goddess, pigeon, downward dog
jun 27 2015 ∞
jun 27 2015 +
  • volunteer at a bird sanctuary
  • take the GRE stat
  • look into SponsorChange
  • reading specialist (grad school)
  • park ranger
apr 5 2015 ∞
dec 27 2015 +
  • climbing Mt. Parnassus <one misty, moisty morning>
  • playing the harmonica on the steps of Sant Ignazio
  • taking a gondola traghetto ride in Venice
  • watching the blood moon lunar eclipse from a clandestine vantage point (april '14)
  • floating on the (crowded) San Marcos River near Austin
  • climbing Mt. Subasio in Assisi barefoot in February
apr 6 2014 ∞
dec 17 2014 +
  • Fan Diego, a fan store off of rte 78 in north San Diego
  • Treebeard Landscaping, saw on a truck driving in San Diego
feb 5 2017 ∞
feb 5 2017 +
  • True Colors Cyndi Lauper
  • Forget You Cee Lo Green
  • 5 Years' Time Noah & the Whale
  • SOB Nathaniel Rateliffe & the Nigh Sweats
  • Get High Tove Lo
  • I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  • Stayin' Alive the Bee Gees
  • Magic BoB
  • Chandelier Sia
  • Derniere Danse Indila
  • Beer beer beer the Clancy Brothers
  • Rolling Stone from Texas
  • Werewolves of London Warren Zevon
  • International Harvester
  • Inside Out Eve6
  • I Will Survive
  • I Hate Myself for Loving You Joan Jet
  • Brick House the Commodores
jan 30 2017 ∞
jan 30 2017 +
  • season 3 of the office
  • season 4 of the office
  • season 5 of the office
  • season 1 of x files
  • season 2 of x files
  • season 3 of x files
  • season 4 of x files
  • lion
  • kedi
  • season 5 of x files
  • season 6 of x files
  • good will hunting
jan 15 2017 ∞
apr 10 2017 +

this will be a thoroughly researched list of things that I would like to purchase. it will be realistic. it will be prioritized (highest first.)

dec 25 2016 ∞
dec 25 2016 +
  • submit 5 eBird lists
  • hide 3 good, worthy geocaches
  • plan & execute a social/media detox
  • learn some new bird jokes & use them on people
  • write 24 letters (2/month)
  • write 12 reviews
  • create & submit a Wheezy Waiter wink video complete with banjo
  • deepen my appreciation of something
  • cultivate a daily drawing habit one month
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • go camping/travel with Caroline
  • find a way to volunteer in St. Louis
  • edit the past year & a half's video into something enjoyable
  • experience the total solar eclipse
  • go kayaking
  • Call/email/write a representative about something I care about deeply
dec 25 2016 ∞
jan 24 2017 +
  • smell things before consuming//doubly beneficial because mindful consumption
  • visualize your favorite scents & make note of any emotional reaction
  • if possible, smell your favorite smells multiple times daily
  • zinc/B12 (esp. if currently vegan-ing) deficiency may be culprit
  • avoid alcohol, cigarette smoke
  • take short sniffs of what you desire to smell
  • practice nasal irrigation daily
  • humidify nightly
  • exercise regularly
  • keep air clean:
    • avoid burning incense (candles too?)
    • stick to vinegar, EO, etc. based cleaners
    • dust with damp clothes
    • vacuum frequently
nov 19 2016 ∞
dec 25 2016 +