hi! i'm memorde and i use way too many emojis :V

  • she/they/none, i'm unfussed
  • adult, occasionally 18+

topics i'd like warnings for:

  • cancer/terminal illness
  • images of dead animals, esp. taxidermy and roadkill (mammals and birds only—insects are fine, and fish and reptiles are fine so long as there's no gore)
  • (on that note) irl gore

if you're writing me a thing, things to avoid include:

  • explicit content (i don't mind reading smut but i'm picky so just to be on the safe side please don't gift me smut on ao3 or anything like that)
  • everything on my squicks list (elsewhere on my listography)
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jun 6 2017 +

some tropes and kinks!

a note: i don't write smut for personal reasons but i've listed some things i don't mind reading for general reference. and this is probably incomplete, so i'll add things as they come to me.


  • getting together and meet-cutes
  • fake dating
  • matchmaking
  • enemies to lovers/rivalmance
  • rain, snow, hail, sleet, thunder and lightning
  • "stuck in an elevator"-type scenarios
  • sci-fi/fantasy au
  • comedy/farce
  • university au
  • canon divergence
  • height difference
  • powerplay, esp. with role reversal
  • suits & formal clothing
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obviously we all have favourite characters and team biases and stuff... here are mine!

harry potter:

  • characters: percy weasley, zacharias smith, hermione granger
  • house: ravenclaw (slytherin secondary)
  • groupings: ministry of magic, ravenclaws & hufflepuffs in harry's grade, next gen


  • POV characters: brienne of tarth, davos seaworth, jaime lannister, asha greyjoy, jon connington
  • other characters: edd tollett
  • major house: baratheon (team dragonstone!)
  • minor houses: blackwood, brax, harlaw, mormont, tarth, tollett
  • locations: riverlands, qarth, iron islands, the vale, dorne
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  • i give permission on request for anyone to create remixes of my work on the condition that they're posted on ao3 as related works
  • this means: i do not want to be gifted remixes unless we've talked about it first


  • i give blanket permission for anyone to translate my works on the condition that they are only posted on ao3 as related works and nowhere else
  • this means: i do not want co-authorship of translations
  • this also means: i want to be able to easily access any translations of my work, which is why i ask for them to only be on ao3
  • if you don't have an ao3 account, i'm always happy to get an invitation for you
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big favourites and things where i engage in fandom have stars, most other things are more casual interests... except in the "books" section, where i only put stars on things where i engage in fandom, because otherwise literally everything would have a star. i love books.


  • a series of unfortunate events – lemony snicket
  • a song of ice and fire – george r. r. martin ★
  • captive prince – c. s. pacat
  • destiny's children – stephen baxter
  • harry potter – j. k. rowling ★
  • the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy – douglas adams
  • jonathan strange & mr norrell – susanna clarke
  • the magicians – lev grossman
  • the nightrunner series – lynn flewellin...
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