• natália 98 she/her istj-t libra girl
      • pt-br/eng. ravenclaw. stay at home student. trying my best.
      • likes: music, lists, biological sciences, sleeping.
      • the biggest nap lover you'll ever meet. i also love mingyu and jihoon a whole damn lot. jessica means a lot to me. i think music can heal your soul and help you through your worst days.
      • girls, plants and birds are the best things to come out of this messy little planet.
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in general

  • head to toe self care
  • tips for treating yoself
  • non cutesy self care tips
  • cheap and easy tips
  • mini self care comic
  • soothe yourself
  • sad days
  • self soothing techniques
  • how to drink more water
  • feeling crummy
  • tired?
  • 26self care activities


  • sleep easy
  • going to bed early and waking up early
  • another how to wake up early
  • staying awake


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