• you are a rape/pedophilia/incest/etc. apologist/supporter/shipper
  • you're a terf or otherwise transphobic
  • you fetishize homosexual relationships (eg: are a cis female and have mlm ships exclusively/call yourself a 'fujoshi')
  • you believe that heterophobia/cisphobia/reverse racism exists
  • you are against feminism/bash feminists/call yourself a 'meninist'
  • you ship shaladin, otayuri, or are a fan of super lovers or killing stalking


  • I'm not easily triggered but I'd appreciate tagging hospitals/mental istitutions
  • I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and sometimes mention it (it will be tagged) although if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to tell me
  • I will never unfollow mutuals so if you unfollow me please soft block
  • my dm's are always open so feel free to dm me if you want to be mutuals
  • in regards to my art or video edits reposts are okay but please link me so that I can like and share your repost


  • if I say/do something problematic or forget to tag warnings on something please tell me, I won't get upset
  • I might act out or leave sometimes because of my M.I's (don't worry about it, I'll probably be back)
  • I'm part of the 'undertrash' groupchat, I post about them a lot and there is occasionally drama (dfi you dislike any of the members)
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