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  • name: Bang Minah
  • birth year: 1993
  • occupation: co-owner of a kids' cafe
  • sexual preference: straight
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Bang Minah is a happy-go-lucky lady who always strives to cheer people up and to look at things in different perspective——focusing on offering preferably the optimistic ones.

She also carries the characteristics of people under ESFJ's personality. That being said, she's "a conscientious helper, sensitive to the needs of others and energetically dedicated to her responsibilities." She also values loyalty and tradition a lot, prioritizing family and friends above all else.

However, contrary to what people might think, Minah's life wasn't all sweet and honey. She had her share of bad experiences too such as her parents leaving her and her friends stabbing her from the back. It's just that she'd rather focus and appreciate the things she has and had in her life.

Minah took journalism as her undergraduat...

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  • ( gmt +8 )
  • may be approached as Girl's Day Bang Minah or as AU, I won't mind!
  • slow replies are okay
  • do not nag me into replying you fast
  • sometimes, I don't see your mentions on my mentab so feel free to message or mention me again for a reply!
  • soft block if you don't want to converse with me anymore
  • my dm is open for anyone who wants to talk or plot with me!
  • please do not follow me or ask for a followback if you had no intentions of talking with me.
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  • open to a variety of plots, just hit me up!
  • plotting will most likely be done in dms
  • may plot outside my au's job description
  • is most comfortable plotting in third person
  • please respect the way I plot and I shall respect you in return!
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