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please talk to me! I don't bite.. ( usually )

Suji. follows:
  • a rookie journalist / correspondent
  • sometimes helps her cousin manage a daycare
  • happy-go-lucky
  • optimistic
  • kdrama enthusiast
  • huge eater and has a sweet tooth
  • ( a bit ) bratty and mischievous
  • friendly and talkative
  • kind and caring
  • sweet and simple
  • sometimes weird and random
  • clingy, curious and clumsy
  • touchy to girls even if she's——— points to sexual preferences hee.
  • loves to be pampered
  • likes music, singing, dancing, being in contact with nature, animals, kids, cute and cuddly things, food ( that aren't exotic ), clothes and accessories, books ++
  • dislikes people who can't respect others ...
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  • highly submissive
  • usually the 'innocent' type
  • is in the middle of strictly straight and bicurious
  • is usually up for most kinks as long as it doesn’t include blood-spilling ( don't hesitate to ask me if you want to try your kink on me ! )
  • rough and vanilla sex is both craved for
  • enjoys ddlg, incest, teasing in public, fingering, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, bindfolds, use of toys ( especially vibrators and collars ), food play ( whipped cream and chocolate ), age play, temperature play ( only with ice though! ), overstimulation, spanking, choking, edgeplay ( but not always! >.< and you shall cuddle me and whisper how precious I am afterwards ;; )
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  • (gmt +8 )
  • may be approached as Miss A's Bae Suzy or as AU, I won't mind!
  • slow replies are okay
  • do not nag me into replying you fast.
  • soft block if you don't want to converse with me anymore
  • tell me if you want to stop the plot for whatever reason ( eg. suddenly committing to a relationship ) instead of suddenly halting it and making me wonder why you are not replying or having me wait for your reply ( that won't happen )
  • I rarely jump into dms unless invited but you are welcome to dm me for casual conversations and most especially if you wanted to plot!
  • no facechasers please!
  • unreplied dms for three days means I dropped the plot.
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note: Suji has absolutely no idea why random songs pop into her mind. It doesn't usually reflect her inside feelings. It may be, however, caused by something she had heard or read recently... or maybe a couple of days ago?

note: Suji just can't resist taking note of the beautiful melodies and lyrics she has found in the songs that was recommended to her. Hence, she decided to compile it so she could listen to it from time to time. hee.

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[ feel free to message me if you're interested to plot with me! ]

( school theme )

  • Muse A accidentally places Muse A's confession inside the locker of Muse B—the best friend of Muse A's crush. Muse B 'helps' Muse A and falls in love in the process.
  • Muse A adores Muse B—Muse A's tutor and homeroom teacher that Muse A writes on the back of the exam booklet, "If I get an A or an A-, please go out with me!"

( living together )

  • Muse A and B lives in the same apartment but because Muse A's place becomes inhabitable for a month, Muse A and B has to live together.
  • It was raining hard and Muse A's soaked and has nowhere to go to. Muse A knocks on the house that apparently belongs to Mus...
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