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please talk to me! I don't bite.. ( usually )

Suji. follows:
  • a rookie journalist / correspondent
  • sometimes helps her cousin manage a daycare
  • happy-go-lucky
  • optimistic
  • kdrama enthusiast
  • huge eater and has a sweet tooth
  • ( a bit ) bratty and mischievous
  • friendly and talkative
  • kind and caring
  • sweet and simple
  • sometimes weird and random
  • clingy, curious and clumsy
  • touchy to girls even if she's——— points to sexual preferences hee.
  • loves to be pampered
  • likes music, singing, dancing, being in contact with nature, animals, kids, cute and cuddly things, food ( that aren't exotic ), clothes and accessories, books ++
  • dislikes people who can't respect others and overly demanding people
  • would usually avoid drama and to say her thoughts out loud for all the public to see and hear ( but when asked by someone she's comfortable with, she'll most likely babble her thoughts unless it is not solely about her hee ) <<< because of this trait, she could be seen as insensitive or ignorant but sometimes, she really is just ignorant——( inserts laughing yet crying emoji here )
  • clueless when it comes to love and attractions towards her for she can't really imagine someone liking her
  • is ( sometimes ) an over-thinker despite her overly positive outlook in life
jan 11 2017 ∞
jan 22 2017 +