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please talk to me! I don't bite.. ( usually )

Suji. follows:
  • highly submissive
  • usually the 'innocent' type
  • is in the middle of strictly straight and bicurious
  • is usually up for most kinks as long as it doesn’t include blood-spilling ( don't hesitate to ask me if you want to try your kink on me ! )
  • rough and vanilla sex is both craved for
  • enjoys ddlg, incest, teasing in public, fingering, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, bindfolds, use of toys ( especially vibrators and collars ), food play ( whipped cream and chocolate ), age play, temperature play ( only with ice though! ), overstimulation, spanking, choking, edgeplay ( but not always! >.< and you shall cuddle me and whisper how precious I am afterwards ;; )
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