OKAY, it's not your birthday yet but since you made me cry already even though it's not my birthday either I think that I have to give back the favor sooo I HOPE YOU CRY (tears of JOY and because you love me and blabla only good things) with everything I will put on this listography and everytime you feel like crying (sad tears) you can comeback here and remember that I Iove you, you are my person, and that, like you said, you are my better half.

  • ps: dont freak out because the photos are probably not on the same size
  • ps2: this is a black and withe listography because we can't trust my matching skills
  • ps3: baekhyun is the most handsome men alive but taehyung is okay too

jul 17 2017 ∞
jul 17 2017 +