♢ voices

    • rihanna; my favorite voice in the whole world.
    • ericka guitron; my second favorite voice.
    • nate ruess; my third favorite voice.
    • kang seungyoon; i am still indecisive about him but he is between the second and the third one.

♦ robots

    • r2d2; for some reason this little baby became everything to me.
    • nirvash; every time they expressed their feelings i started to CRY.
    • the.END; all i want do in my life is love them.
    • chamber; the best one.
dec 9 2017 ∞
dec 9 2017 +

◈ animes

    • eureka seven; all to me. everything and anything about this makes me so happy and complete.
    • love live (μ's only); i watched this so many times, it is really good to see them.
    • fate (zero, ubw and heaven's feel only); a pain in my heart but for some reason i love it.

◇ mangas - manhwas

    • beelzebub; all the memories i have with this story are really a part of me, an important one.
    • the breaker; everything to me. i learned and i became more bigger while reading this story.

▻ characters

dec 9 2017 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

i don't take this concept (bias itself) as a rule anymore. but i'm still going to keep this list, because i still like them.

→ ultimates

  • hwang eunbi as azureish white (#DBE9F4)
  • lee suhyun as cinnamon satin (#CD607E)
  • jung eunbi as amaranth pink (#F19CBB)
  • kim yewon as arylide yellow (#E9D66B)
  • son naeun as antique brass (#CD9575)
  • kim sojung as antique ruby (#841B2D)
  • jung yerin as asparagus (#87A96B)
  • cha hakyeon as auburn (#A52A2A)
  • lee chanhyuk as beaver (#9F8170)
  • choi yuna as bazaar (#98777B)

→ semi ultimate

  • bambam as coffee (#6F4E37)

→ regulars

  • kim taehyung as dark brown-tangelo (#8865...
sep 3 2017 ∞
nov 19 2017 +
  • main (urgent)
    • get a job
  • to work for now (every day)
    • ☐ be a better person (to become someone people (and I) like to be around)
    • ☐ get rid of my skin problem
    • ☐ treat all my illnesses
    • ☐ make the days better for my sister
    • ☐ take care of my dog
    • ☐ be a better fan
  • when i get the chance
    • ☐ start to dance (for real)
    • ☐ learn martial arts
    • ☐ learn english, spanish and japanese (for real)
    • ☐ learn more about history and animals
    • ☐ travel by myself for the first time
  • i got it! (achievement)
dec 11 2017 ∞
jan 12 2018 +