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synpaths ;

  • Peter Parker
  • Ponyboy Curtis
  • Christine "Ladybird" McPherson
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Finn the Human
  • Mae Borowski
  • Rat
  • Clint Barton
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  • ask


  • never/very rarely
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hie ! im tobi, a teenage anarchist from arizona who likes old 50's music and superhero movies. I spend most of my time crying over boys, drawing, or sitting on the traintracks near my house waiting to be ran over. If ever wanna chat, hit me up on discord rat#4329 - but be prepared for endless obscure movie references, me never replying, and constantly fanboying about superheroes. im very flirty and very not sorry for it.

um honestly im just a happy-go-lucky guy who cries at the sight of a cute dog. im really busy so im not online much and when i am i try to get to as much as possible ? its hard tho so i apologize.

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  • you are against lgbtq+
  • you have a problem with offensive humor
  • you have a problem with eyebleeding characters


  • i have paranoid/depressive episodes
  • i spam a lot
  • i tend to hyperfixate on things
  • im really awkward and type weird ?
  • i do support kins/synpaths
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