i love dia kurosawa and cecil aijima so much

if you tag me in or send me anything related to either of them i will love you forever

i don't recommend following if you're kin with them bc i won't see or tag you as them

i enjoy talking about them with others so if you also love them it's okay to follow! however it upsets me when other fans get possessive and competitive about who loves them more. i do call myself their number one fan but usually in a joking manner, i don't truly believe that i love them more than anyone else.

if you dislike either of them, follow at your own risk because i post a lot of pictures of them along with paragraphs upon paragraphs about why i love them

if you post character hate towards either of them i will immediately break mutuals idc who you are

other characters i love that you're free to tag me as: shinya/mahiru banba, meiko, elma, hana midorikawa

aug 8 2017 ∞
sep 13 2017 +