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please read and FOLLOW ME AT YOUR OWN RISK!! :D

Amii follows:
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  • Ami / female / 90' / INTP
  • Malay / poor English/Japanese
  • English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.
  • working / freelance-artist.
  • I draw, I post my arts here sometimes
  • will follow-back if we have lots of mutual interest!
  • I don’t follow for a followback but I'd appreciate if you follow me back, hope we can be friend!!
  • I don't usually talk. I'm not good in talking and awkward;;; I'm sorry if we are mutual we don't interact much orz
  • multi-fandoms . Basically J-pop idols, idol games, animes, and cats videos.
  • I don't usually spam/RT spam. If I want to do so I'll give a warn first.
  • tend to become annoying when get excited lol
  • I sometimes talk to my friend on tl w/o m...
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oct 16 2017 +
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  • music, J-POP, Idols
    • mainly Johnny's Idol (Johnny's Entertainment)
    • HoneyWorks, Deco*27, 40mP
    • Tomohisa Sakou, Nishino Kana, AAA, Aqua Times and more... I just love musics!
    • what I listen to:
  • Anime/manga
    • favourite anime of all time: GINTAMA!!!, FMA:B, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hunter x Hunter
    • link: MyAnimeList
  • Utaite
    • Amatsuki, Soraru, AhonoSakata, Clear, 96neko
  • Seiyuu
    • Miyano Mamoru, Yuki Kaji, Fukuyama Jun, Tomokazu Sugita & Kamiya Hiroshi
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oct 17 2017 +
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  • NEWS (since 2004)
    • forever CHANKAPAANA!!!
    • super-emotional-NEWS-fan
    • I love all 4 of them together equally but sometimes biased to Shige.
    • They're precious. my first favorite jpop group ever
  • ARASHI (since 2006)
    • Ohmiya & NinoAi are my favorite bromance
    • I used to be overly obsessed with them (especially Nino)lol until 2014.. I've calm down.
    • bought lots of their goodies and concert DVDs - the only group that I financially support
  • Hey!Say!JUMP
    • I don't really follow them until Ryutaro left;;
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oct 17 2017 +
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  • appreciate TRICKSTAR, loves KNIGHTS
  • best boys/ biases:
    • I scream and talk a lot about Isara Mao & Sakuma Ritsu . I love them individually so much I can’t choose if you ask me who’s my favourite;;;;
    • also: Hokuto, Leo, Natsume, Tsukasa, Eichi, Hajime, Rei, Mika.
  • OTP
    • main ship : RitsuMao
    • likes : HokuMao, LeoIzu, Keichi, WataHoku, ReiMao, EiRitsu, ReiKao, KaoKana, HokuTomo, LeoRitsu, KasaTori, IzuKasa, SubaHaji. and ReiRitsu (NOT incest)
    • NL: RitsuMaoAn, IzuAn, NatsuAn, KeitoAn, LeoAn
  • favorites
    • UnitP: Knights, Trickstar, lowkey Undead
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