• name lola
    • birth november 21st, 1997
    • western zodiac scorpio
    • alignment chaotic good (+)
    • chinese zodiac ox (+)
    • mbti infj-t (+)
    • hogwarts house ravenclaw (+)
    • poseidon's daughter
    • english teacher, portuguese/english major
    • radical feminist, I play guitar, and I may be short but I'm not smol. I'm also a huge nerd, I love classic disney (yes the princess stuff) and I can only express myself through art, specially dance.

likes ice cream, art, movies, dancing, animals, music, laughing, animes, comic books, astrology, theoretical physics, writting, personality tests, languages, psychology, fairies, ice tea, cinematography.

dislikes rudeness, loneliness, selfish people, lies.

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sep 24 2017 ∞
feb 25 2019 +