first and foremost, if we're mutuals and you have any issue with something i say or do, i ask that you DM me about it and sort it out with me. i don't care how petty or minor it is, i'd rather we work it out rather than have anything uncomfortable between us

please do not follow under any circumstances:

  • nazis, alt-righties, any of the 2000 names for fascists. really anyone on the right is not worth my time and i don't want you here
  • bigots of any kind, whether it's sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc. this includes TERFs, SWERFs, or any other bigot appropriating movements to disguise bigotry. obviously this also includes anti-SJWs
  • kink/porn accounts or whatever. accounts that are just NSFW on main are fine if they tag themselves but dedicated porn accounts aren't welcome (this doesn't include sex workers)

i would not recommend following if:

  • you're under 18, not because i post anything outright NSFW, but i'm not very comfortable around minors in my personal life
  • you vehemently dislike one of my interests, just because i'll probably be posting about it and you won't like it
  • you have some beef with one of my partners. we probably won't get along in this case
  • i'm pretty communist so if you're not like, socialist adjacent at the very least, either go or find complacency, because i'm not arguing with strangers and you might not like my tweets
  • you make a lot of self-deprecating jokes like all the time. i understand it's a coping mechanism but it's not a healthy one for neither you nor the people around you and i personally don't really want that all over my timeline

please be mindful of:

  • mentioning abuse and themes of it around me if i don't know you well
  • interacting while drunk
  • tweeting me anything considered NSFW
  • using mental illness as an insult (e.g. calling someone "insane", "crazy", "psychotic"), using harmful mental illness stereotypes in any capacity (e.g. "people with bpd are abusive", "people with schizophrenia are violent"), or making fun of things mentally ill people use/need (e.g. weighted blankets or fidget toys) (like directly making fun of them, like, for example, calling weighted blankets "the saddest item i could possibly buy" @InternetHippo 6:44 PM - 29 Sep 2017)

i'm not gonna call you out or anything over this but it's kind of a personal point so please try to be nice

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