VDI-P ➝ Researcher

    • Identity ➝ Perfecting
    • Nature ➝ 82% Visionary
    • Tatics ➝ 59% Diligent
    • Energy ➝ 88% Introverted

Researchers are experts at cutting through the fluff to get to what matters. Intelligent, ambitious, perfectionistic, and rare, Researchers strive to improve whatever catches their interest—not to mention themselves. Researchers are success-driven, and when they decide to get something done, they push hard, with a quiet determination that has even their superiors taking notes.

Researchers prefer to process their thoughts internally rather than brainstorm aloud. They generally avoid the limelight, and in group settings, they won’t speak up until they’ve had a chance to thoroughly vet and consider their ideas. Given enough time, however, Researchers’ cautious yet incisive intellect can assess even the most confusing situations and produce a clear, navigable course of action. By the time a Researcher finally verbalizes a recommendation or idea, it tends to be unassailable.

Difficult projects and tight deadlines trigger significant stress for Researchers, but these tense situations can also bring out some of their best qualities. Inventive and curious, Researchers have sharp minds, and grand challenges tend to highlight their intelligence, radical creativity, and self-command. That said, Researchers are highly sensitive to criticism, and they fear the prospect of failure. If a team member lets them down or fails to live up to expectations during a time of stress, Researchers might lash out with a mercilessly harsh reaction.

Because they worry that others will let them down, Researchers strive to be jacks-of-all-trades. Unlike less organized Observant (O) types, however, Researchers are systematic, and they learn for the sake of control. In an attempt to ensure success, Researchers familiarize themselves with every last component of their projects. Their exacting standards, reluctance to trust fate, and unwillingness to delegate often produce a successful outcome.

These tendencies can also provoke anxiety and run Researchers ragged, however. Researchers are perfectionists, and they push themselves hard to meet their own highest standards—sometimes too hard. For their health, balance, and wellbeing, it’s important for Researchers to loosen their grip and acknowledge their own limitations. Not everything can be predicted or changed or controlled—nor should it be.

Researchers are highly intuitive and original, and beneath their reserved, stoical exterior lies a quirky sense of humor. Thanks to their ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated things, they come out with unexpected and often hilarious insights. It can take some time to navigate beyond a Researcher’s serious exterior, but for those who appreciate a cutting wit, it’s well worth the effort.

Researchers’ humor, competence, and seeming confidence protect their greatest secret: beneath it all, they are plagued by emotional turbulence and self-doubt. Their controlling, perfectionistic approach to life may often bring them success, but they’re haunted by their past failures. It is difficult for them to maintain an attitude of exploration, play, or daring in the face of such an intense fear of failure and criticism.

Researchers may also have difficulties with emotional intelligence. Of all personality types, they are the most likely to say that other people’s emotions confuse them. Because people are motivated by a complex mix of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, they rarely behave as rationally as Researchers would like. Dramatic outbursts, inexplicable preferences, and snap decisions are all common enough emotional responses, but Researchers struggle to understand this type of behavior in others. They may even become suspicious of someone’s kindness or assistance if they don’t see a reason for it.

Researchers’ acute sensitivity does have its upsides, fortunately. It spurs them to grow into better people, deliver on their commitments, and connect on a deep level with their values and priorities. It also balances Researchers’ innate ambition with introspection and reflection, providing them with a deeper sense of motivation than many other personality types experience. Because they expect so much from themselves and from life, Researchers are unlikely to settle for anything less than a meaningful, satisfying, purpose-driven existence—and for them, such a life is well worth the turmoil.

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