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Hello! My name is Athene but you can call me Evie! I wanted to make a listography to help me keep everything in one place since I have so many things!! I'm really childlike so I'm sorry if I don't understand things right away or pick up on cues! I like really playful things, toys, cute things, and really creepy and goth stuff!!

Athene follows:
Nathan BYF (aka: dont follow me if you're one of these pieces of shits )
who the fuck are you? (who the fuck are /you/?)
what the fuck am i about? (like what are my #concepts?)
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I have TOO many tumblr blogs because I have so many different interests, so I'll finally link them all here! (idk how to link here yet so here are just the names hehe)

  • Main: puffyreaper
  • Art: puffy-art
  • doodles: taraloo
  • OCS: ocreaper
  • Pawsitive/Cute: bunnyreaper
  • Goth/Spooky: quietreaper
  • Random/Playful: sillyreaper
  • Pokemon: eeveereaper
  • Anime: headlessreaper-kun
  • Fav Characters: mxnstercrush
  • Monster Love/Guro (can be nsfw): mxnsterfucker
  • NSFW: petmxnster
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  • polyvore
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  • furaffinity
  • neopets
  • webkinz
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There are a few things that make me really uncomfortable, but I'm pretty open to anything else really!!!

  • racists, homophobes, transphobes, ACEPHOBES! The usual bad stuff! If you're a terrible person then just go away! ;^;
  • People who are rude, mean, or hateful for NO reason about anything.
  • mentions/visuals of hair pulling, it's really personal to me
  • nudity/sexual jokes and situations
  • syringes
  • scopophobia (not small stuff, but certain things really freak me out)
  • cockroaches
  • otherkin

~IRL~ (these things can cause bad panic attacks ; A ;)

  • crowds/crowds in small spaces/being crowded
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I know a lot of people online like to put their mental health in their about and I'm usually not about that, but lately I haven't been able to function normally and a lot of my social skills are impaired and getting worse.. I am currently in treatment though. Here is a list of things that I’m struggling with

  • severe depression
  • anxiety/panic disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • ocd
  • schizophrenia
  • paranoia
  • trichotillomania (adding this so it wont be weird if you see me wear wigs a lot since it's affected me for most of my life)
  • synesthesia (adding this so it makes more sense why I'm overstimmed really easily ;_; )
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