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  • "Il vento delle cose che vanno e di quelle che restano" by ChibiMuff (Romantico)
  • "Lo chiamavano Rick (con la kappa)" by ChibiMuff (Drammatico)
  • "Mr. Sesso" by Meow_ (Romantico)
  • "Was it a dream?" by Meow_ (Harry Potter)
  • "Panni sporchi." by Cigarettes (Kuroko no Basket)
  • "Lettere." by Mad Raven (Harry Potter)
  • "La sua presenza su di me." by Chiarilu (Nonsense)
  • "Nullus amor nec foedera sunto" by MmeBovary (Harry Potter)
  • "Teach me" by fragolottina (Romantico)
  • "Pâtisserie Française" by fragolottina (Romantico)
  • "Il Mitronio di Synt" by fragolottina (Soprannaturale)
  • "Scene da un matrimonio" by fallsofarc (Romantico)
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  • MC being short
    • right when he thought that you couldn’t be more perfect
    • he loves your height a loooooot
    • uses it as an excuse to hoist you up to get whatever you need
    • zen will sometimes tease you and ask for a kiss in return for whatever he got for you
    • he loves to sneak behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, using your shoulder as a rest
    • it’s just so amazing to him he utterly adores your height like a religion
  • MC swearing
    • what
    • but
    • princesses don’t swear!!!!
    • (well THIS PRINCESS DOES BUDDY [or prince...
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  • Coachella
  • Lucca Comics
  • Romix
  • Giffoni
  • San Diego Comicon
  • BEA (Book Expo America)
  • K-Con
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