yuwin: yuta + winwin from the band, nct.

— in case anyone needs proof of their loving friendship

nct life seoul where yuta and winwin first interacted with each other — "aigoo team" — they slept in the same bed — clingy af within 2 hrs of knowing each other — winwin complaining to yuta: "yuta this is so hard!", while playing the korean syllable game — winwin and yuta promising each other they'll visit seoul on their own time together in the future — praises winwin on his korean — yuta worrying about winwin: "are you tired?" — yuta feeding him ice cream, winwin's favorite

nct life (s3) yuta feeding winwin

nct life (s4) yuta and winwin "helping" jaehyun cook (but they're basically useless) — dancing and hugging galore — yuta getting mad when winwin doesn't acknowledge his hard work — winwin thinking he's better than yuta at cooking — yuta translating winwin's "explosive taste" when winwin doesn't have the words for it in korean

nimdle yuta's message to winwin: (in chinese) i love you! (in korean) we're both foreigners, so i know how you feel! (in chinese) let's work hard! (in korean) let's gain strength together! — winwin's message to yuta: hyung, i like you! gambatte! — winwin putting makeup on yuta — yuta trying to feed winwin, but the latter refusing — yuta and winwin's multilingual convo (with a thirdwheeling doyoung) about waiting for each other — smelling the kkanari drinks, in which yuta tries to stop winwin by holding him tightly — yuta and winwin practicing black on black performance — winwin strutting over to yuta after putting on makeup — yuta answering all of winwin's questions perfectly — yuta and winwin sharing food — yuta and winwin attempting to pop a balloon with their bodies; the caption says: yuta doesn't care, he is happy just hugging winwin! — yuta is annoyed when winwin doesn't watch anime with him

victory (ep. 3) yuta, introducing himself: i'm yuta who loves winwin! — lots of touching and hugging

victory (ep. 4) yuta's board had stickers of winwin, with "i love winwin" written in 3 different languages — winwin's board was filled with yuta's stickers as well!

nct's limitless room yuta and winwin sitting next to each other in fluffy pajamas — yuta: winwin looks so cute in those pajamas! — yuta teasing winwin about needing a dentist appointment — while reading a story, yuta comes across the word love and repeats it to winwin, to which winwin repeats it back and they smile at each other — lots of skinship with each other

mv commentary (limitless) yuta kissing winwin after winwin's introduction

stage perf (firetruck) yuta sharing his mic with winwin after winwin's broke

fansigns yuta declaring that "yuwin is real" on paper — yuta calling winwin a babo, winwin being confused??? — winwin says that he watches anime and dramas with yuta — yuta was asked who'd he like to see for 24 hours, and chose winwin — he wants to take winwin to see his parents — he wants winwin to: do aegyo, do cute expressions, speak nicely to yuta, and just be there for yuta! — yuta admitting that he kisses winwin a lot because he really likes winwin (said while laughing) — making a heart together —yuta telling winwin not to catch a cold — yuta calls winwin "wingchicken" - yuta calling winwin cute - yuta being complimented for taking care of winwin well - yuta chose winwin as the one he wants to play with at the dorms

instagram yuta to winwin: my cute younger brother winwin <3 why are you this cute?? i think the words "giant baby" are true in your case. you're my healing! keke."

nct weibo (live) winwin taught yuta how to say "you're mine" in chinese - winwin holding yuta's hand

airport yuta holding on to the hem of winwin's coat for safety — wearing matching yellow clothes — yuta protecting winwin - nothing big, just yuta putting his arm around winwin cutely

backstage/mv filming yuta smiling when winwin runs up to him

6th gaon chart music awards yuta played with winwin's ears and they took a seat next to each other — yuta playing around with winwin as always omfg —yuta randomly poking winwin's cheek

nct 127 roommate to-do-list yuta's #1 wish for 2017 is for winwin to get better in korean so that he can talk to everyone comfortably! — yuta clinging on to winwin, as always

170228 kangta's starry night yuta doesn't ever want to change his roommate b/c winwin is really cute - winwin confessed that he gets homesick often, but that talking with yuta makes him feel a lot better!

white day event yuta and winwin singing "you're my angel~!" together - yuta and winwin fixing each other's aprons! (bonus: dispatch said they treated each other with delicate hands lol)

kcon mexico yuta and winwin making a heart together!!!

ha noi concert in vietnam yuta and winwin are (potential) roommates taking cute ass selfies together

v charts awards yuta kissed! winwin's hand!! - yuta fanboying over winwin dancing to limitless - yuta cheering for winwin during the latter's solo stage - winwin rubbing yuta's neck

nct life behind winwin and yuta introducing themselves together

nct life (osaka) winwin and yuta harrypotter!au - winwin praising yuta - yuta failing to scare winwin lol

etc yuta holding on to winwin's arm - talking about how yuta engages in conversation with winwin in the car - honestly idk but yuta's putting his hand on winwin's shoulder and singing and winwin's looking at him like he's a God and honestly, #relatable - yuta smelling? winwin

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